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Greetings Thamrog, old friend!

After visiting your tavern i got some, maybe frequently asked, questions:

  • I swapped 24 0.1 tavern coins and one 1 TC and unless I am completely drunk on your fine ale I am sure that I got 25 sacks with 0.1 rewards.
    Is this intended, only maybe a bug, which has to be squashed by one of your beer glasses?
  • What treasures may a humble visitor of your tavern expect in the tempting reward chests?

Greetings from a far far land and please accept my appologies for all grammar and spelling mistakes :-)



Oh, it's you @hamsterpoweriii.
I thought you were gone after your last visit. You got so drunk, you were heading to the door, you knocked some barrels on the floor. But relax, I took the blame, the Goblin was already snooping around who it was.

I told you, don't drink those last pints at once...

But what did you want?

  1. You know what? I usually work sober, maybe you actually got something mixed up after a few beers. I'll check it out anyway.
  2. Now you will find tavern coins, bet boost, ranking points and ranking double points boost in your chests. Who knows, maybe there will be more in the future :)

Don't worry about your grammar! Who pays attention to this when have fun? :)

Thanks a lot for taking the blame.. I had a hard enough time explaining my stained cloths to my houseelf..

And thanks for your answers :-)

New day, sober and ready for some fun, i tried to mix the value of my gem sack order for a 2nd time. Worked smoothly and precise like a well payed goblin :-)

If you want to replace your houseelf with new one maybe consider taking part in the chest giveaway contest? It will fill your pockets!

Nah, he may be old, forgetful, grumpy, a bit lazy and forgetful, but somehow I have the feeling he is perfectly right for me :-)

But I still consider taking part in the contest :-)

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