Goldmoney joins Steemit!

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Goldmoney joins Steemit!

We are pleased to announce that Goldmoney is on Steemit!

Goldmoney is the world’s most trusted precious metals and Bitcoin custodian. We safeguard nearly $2 billion of assets for clients in over 150 countries.


We heard about Steemit from our friend @Goldmatters and we would like to briefly #introducemyself.

We’ve noticed the superb posts by members of the Steemit community who have been participating in contests and sharing the Goldmoney message. We would like to thank you for all the support and we think it is time for us to be part of these conversations by building a relationship with Steemians that share our values.

As a way to give back to the Steemit community, our Goldmoney profile will be producing exclusive “See it First on Steemit” posts here for all Steemians to enjoy.

Like any globally operating financial services business, we are regulated by governing bodies that ensure we remain compliant, enabling us to provide a great service to our clients. Our messaging across social media has a voice and method that is meant to share information in accordance with our regulatory framework.


But on Steemit, we would like to talk less about our services and instead use the environment as a way to share topics to discuss with you and engage our Steemian followers to share what they love most about using a Goldmoney Holding.

This will be a win-win for Steemit and Goldmoney by offering Steemians exclusive content, which we hope will encourage existing Goldmoney clients to join the Steemit platform to gain access to our exclusive Steemit discussions, contests and offers!

Goldmoney sees the potential of Steemit and believes in a bright future for the community. We are excited to join you!

What can you expect to see from Goldmoney on Steemit?

*Independent research and insights on the health of the world economy, precious metals, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency.


Pictured (left to right): Roy Sebag, James Turk, Stefan Wieler, Josh Crumb, John Butler, Alasdair McLeod

*Video interviews and live-streams

*Guides to investing and saving.

*Exciting announcements and news releases.

Goldmoney looks forward to bringing high quality content to Steemit and interacting with all of you!

Stay tuned for more information.


The Goldmoney Steem Team



Great post. Welcome to Steemit. I am already looking forward to reading more of you

Goldmoney welcome aboard to steemit!

All the best here on steemit @goldmoney-inc! Welcome, just dropping by to say hello! I know you'll do great and amazing things here. We look forward to the high quality content you'll be sharing. Steem on!

Great to have you here. I've been hearing about GoldMoney for quite a long time. I really need to look into getting an account with you guys!

Thanks for the warm welcome @sirstackalot!

Welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to the platform, I'm sure you've heard this before but at @goldmatters has been huge in bringing awareness to the goldmoney card and benefits. I enjoy using the card and look forward to hearing more from you and your company!

what is that? I am looking at a goldmoney credit/debit card? Crypto on that? The food looks great too.

That coleslaw looks delicious!

Itu seperti makanan yang saya suka

l am not understand , follow me !!!

Welcome guys, I'm now following and looking forward to your insights on all things gold, crypto and finance.

A big welcome to you @goldmoney-inc. Your presence here on steemit has been long anticipated, primarily bacause of the works of @goldmatters, he did a good job at educating and imbibing the passion for goldmoney in me and a lot of other steemians. I really hope your stay here will be awesome and beneficial, both for you and for the whole steemit community. Don't forget to interact with the steemit community, because this community is filled with a lot of wonderful people.
As an advice, For your video postings, you can take advantage of, which is more like the YouTube of steemit. This will give your videos the opportunity to be viewed by more audience.
Also, when making posts here on steemit, make sure to use the cryptocurrency tag in addition to the other tags you use, so as to make your posts visible to the crypto community here on steemit.
Finally, I would say you should keep those lovely goldmoney posts coming in, we sure love reading them, keeping us abreast of the latest on goldmoney. Welcome to the family.
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Welcome aboard ! Pleasure to have you here . Little by little we will see all the big companies joining. It’s amazing how many people have joined in the last year and it’s only the beginning.

Thanks @richard-921 , the future looks bright!


Glad you are now on Steemit! @goldmatters great job getting them on here!!! @goldmoney-inc

@goldmoney-inc thank you so much. we are always with you. @goldmatters

Welcome to the greatest social media platform on the planet. My name is @goldenarms and I'm a die hard gold bug so I'll follow along. I'm fully aware of what you offer because @goldmatters has been doing an incredible job of raising awareness to the value and benefits of gold ownership and what @goldmoney-inc is all about. One more thing, is everyone at your company young and good looking? I may need a job there! 😁

You most highly welcome goldmoney-inc.On this platform, we build friendship, learn new things from each other and earn heavily. Expect your wallet to be heavy within a short period time. Steemit it up!

I was wondering the same damn thing man! Leave it too you to come out and say it!

Love the STEEM coming out of the Bitcoin chimney!
It's been great having @goldmatters here and I'm sure having a Goldmoney corporate account will only increase the awesomeness!

Glad you are now on Steemit! @goldmatters great job getting them on here!!!

Happy to hear from you @sevinwilson!

Sweet! Glad to see @goldmoney-inc on Steemit! @goldmatters is the man.

Thanks @kp138! Great hearing from you!

Welcome to steemit. can't wait for your posts. @goldmatters represented you very well. you even have your own tag on steemit which I introduced..

Welcome to Steemit! Thank you for also believing in the platform. I'm new at stacking, crypto and investing so I'm really looking forward to any research or reviews.

Make sure you look around here as well. There's so much to learn from everyone that doesn't involve stacking, crypto or investing :)

Thanks @bearone! We look forward to learning more!

Welcome guys, goldmoney are the greatest and will rise above all.
I've been a fan of this project since I found @goldmatters.

This is really a great news. I have been using the goldmoney since last year and now we are on the same platform here.

Love the STEEM coming out of the Bitcoin chimney!
It's been great having @goldmatters here and I'm sure having a Goldmoney corporate account will only increase the awesomeness!Welcome-02-web-version.jpg

Welcome to steemit guys!

This is such great news! I think I speak for the whole Steemit community when I say we are delighted to have a prestigious company like you sign up here and have a presence on this platform!

Welcome on steemit @goldmoney-inc !
Nice introduction....
Hope goldmoney will get great success here

steemit is becoming huge

Hey goldmoney. Please hire me, gold fanatic here.

Thanks for checking in @peaceloveliberty !

Great to see you up here Goldmoney!!

Welcome to Steemit @goldmoney-inc! It will be great to learn Goldmoney research and news first hand!
I think that you will receive a warm welcome from all of us who believe in using gold to preserve wealth!

I love what you guys are doing. Very excited... I was actually thinking of doing a video on your company and then I stumbled up on your steemit account..Its meant to be!

Hey @goldmoney-inc, here is the video... Let me know what you think or if I missed anything...

Welcome to Steemit!

I am a Goldmoney shareholder and have an article ready to go on Seeking Alpha once I see that the recent share price drop has reason to go up.

@goldmatters sent me a shirt for Christmas too. He's awesome! :D


Thank you for the support @getonthetrain! Nice looking shirt!

Welcome to the community, @goldmoney-inc! It's great to have more people who are interested in both precious metals and digital currencies. The metals build a solid foundation - an infrastructure for crypto to thrive. Really when you think about it, precious metal backed crypto could cause the demise of central banks and end federal reserve manipulation. The two combined make a great recipe for people getting financial control back into their hands.

A belated Welcome to the Steemit Fleet, yer gold is know among many in thee privateerin profession so we salute yea, "Fire a Broadside Mr. Smith!"

Welcome to Steemit! Great to see you on here. I do have a question, and I hope I'm not out of line. I was considering using Goldmoney's services, and I did notice that on a lot of review sites, there are people claiming that they were customers and couldn't sell their precious metals on the service. The normal response was to threaten them with libel charges, which seemed harsh, but also makes some kind of sense if the claims are false. Are these people just trying to drag Goldmoney's name through the mud? Is there any truth to their claims whatever?

Welcome to the greatest Blockchain-Ecosystem in the World! :)

Follow @secter

Welcome aboard. great to see you guys support this great platform. Look forward to following your posts.

Welcome to steemit

Welcome @goldmoney-inc .. following you now!

Thank you for the follow @hm818

woah never heard of you guys till now but it seems legit

Thanks for checking us out @aspadmiral

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

I'm @edosweet. I'm here to welcome you specially to this platform. I'm really glad you are here and hope to see you become a great steemian. Good luck to you!

Welcome to the most amazing community in the world.You finally made it.I wish you all the success.

Welcome to steem, its good to have more content creators they bring a lot of value to steem!

Your first post earned more than my first 300 posts...
I can't wait to see what happens next... Way to go...

Welcome to Steemit @goldmoney-inc! I will follow with interest and hope to see you powering up soon :).

I’ve heard it said about bitcoin, if you don’t own the private keys you don’t own bitcoin, and I’ve heard the same about gold, if you don’t physically have the gold you don’t own it. What would be your rebuttal to this, seeing how your business is holding both on behalf of clients?

Welcome to steemit!
Do you olpen holdings for Russian citizens?

Nice! You obviously get brought up a lot in #steemsilvergold . I keep meaning to check ya'll out.

Thats great to hear @rodent!

Welcome to steemit, am sure you will enjoy it here on steemit community, pls feel free to follow me @greatman4eva

Welcome to Steemit! Look forward to more post from @goldmoney-inc and I think the see it first on Steemit will definitely be great for the community.

Now,this is much of an introductory post and for the services being offered by this organization,its a plus for steemians and steemit.

I followed you alrwady @goldmoney-inc and im looking forward to seeing more of what you have to offer....

Checking the website already...
Nice intro again...

Welcome to our community of luck...

Welcome @goldmoney-inc. A very big good news for steemians.

Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay on this great and influential platform cheers!!!

Welcome to steemit @goldmoney-inc, looking forward to your content and information, and hoping for some exclusive gold cube giveaways. But my real question now is who's @goldmatters? I kinda thought he was the guy in charge around there? He's so awesome and fun. Now I don't understand, Is he just some guy that really really likes goldmoney?

Hey @phelimint!! I’m excited for the new silver round this year! As it says in my profile I am a consultant for Goldmoney :). I definitely do not run things but I do my best to spread the word and I am very passionate about my job. I was a a huge advocate for Goldmoney long before I officially came on with them. It has been a labor of love . Thanks for all your support!!

You are welcome to steemit!.i am also new to steemit but after spending some time on steemit I love the whole concept and am sure most people do too.

Welcome to Steemit! The more the merrier!


You are absolutely welcome to steemit @goldmoney-inx . Will follow you to get regular update on gold money. I'm much more into cryptocurrency trading but looking at ur platform draws my mind closer, and I think I'm missing out something. I think I'll have a good research and see if I could blend.

)Welcome excited to see more updates from you guys, im an avid fan here 👈

Welcome @goldmoney-inc, we're glad you're here with big opportunities.

Welcome to to this great platform, love to see you posting.

Welcome to steemit ! :)

Great ! Thats generous.. Real company running on virtual works. Hope bright project where steemians involves themselves in. What a gold money in steemit now.. Goodluck..permission to resteem @goldmoney-inc

Thanks for reading @elsufri!

Glad to see you here. Looking forward to your posts!

welcome to steemit we welcome you

will you be integrating steemit platform into a gold crypto or blockchain or get ideas to expand through it?

Welcome to Steemit! Followed!

I'm now following and looking forward to all your posts. By the way, your company is modeling right... not on finance..... hehehe. More power to you guys. All the best.

Thank you for the compliments @juliusprayer!

Hello Goldmoney team i am Joseph from Tanzania East Africa, welcome to steemit community, I will look forward to learn more about your service as and investments
Thank you

Great to meet you @josefly!

I am in a different time zone so a little late. Welcome to steemit for the most trusted custodian if I understand correctly. Greetings from the Netherlands.

Greetings and the best of luck with your cryptography earnings

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This is great ! Welcome to the community !! Happy Steeming !!

welcome here, i see roy sebag is in too !!!
a french member since bitgold...

Thank you for being a long time client @orarezo

Welcome to this amazing community!

fablous! good job..glad to see u here
welcome to steemit commnity

Welcome to the odd and awesome world of Steemit! Looking forward to seeing your Content! Have an awesome weekend @goldmoney-inc

welcome to the greatest social media on the planet. @jvhesj @goldenarms if you need some air drops here is the biggest channel for the drops.

welcome aboard, awesome community indeed .

Hi guys, nice to see you here. I am pretty new here too and I know you as an experienced people, so I will be very pleased if you could check my new blog here and also gimme some feedback. You ve got my follow and I am enjoying your contribution here.

Welcome! Interesting proposal of participation, good way to interact and educate about this new way of doing business! I'll be waiting for you Goldmoney!

world is changing ... stemit on fire

welcome to steemit! hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome goldmoney staff and friends. This is awesome!

Besides working, If you guys ever want to earn sbds and steem while going for runs with fellow Steemers, visit our weekly #runforsteem challenge and get free money


Happy Steeming!

Welcome to the Best site!! STEEMIT

you are highly welcome to steemit @Goldmoney
looking forward to see the great content you guys have for this community !!!

Welcone @goldmoney-inc in steemit! I am looking forward to see all the great things you will contribute to this beautiful community!!

Welcome with us and we are so happy to add
into our steemit platform such as amasing members like you 😍😍.

that graphic is perfect @goldmoney-inc! Following.

Yeah, now let's see you get Peter Schiff's ass on here... i'm sure he'll tell you Steemit is a ponzi bubble :)

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre

Welcome to steemit.

Thank you! We are excited to be here @mrosenquist

Good to see you here.....welcome :)