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I am a girl that always look up to future. Ready to learn new things in life
My love for my course mates is not here oooooo
We love ourselvesIMG_20180206_110956.jpg
Exam is at hand please friends pray for us to come out in flying colors.

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Well hello, welcome to Steem

Keep enjoying your steem power alone. You comment because you want to vote yourself. Checking your blog, realise how you use your special lone with your comment. You suppose to upvote the post you comment on. You use @wonka to upvote all your comment.
What lesson are you passing out to the newbie?
@tokengirl, don't be stingy with your steem power.
Steem power is meant to curate good content, not for personal upvote. You are abusing the power.
What you are doing is unfair, you are using other people's introduction post for your own interest. Using someone's else post to gain reputation. While the post payout is $0.01 and you upvote yourself $1.3.

What if they didn't post, how will you use the steem power on @wonka?

What did you comment that worth this reward you gave yourself?

The person that labour and sweet to drop post is getting $0.02 for payout.
Is people like you that is killing steemit.

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Gorgeous! Welcome to steemit and have fun always. Best of luck to you and you got a wonderful ladies with you. =)

Welcome to steemit @glorystephen, happy surfing in this literacy world. Good luck, my best regards @jamilfian.