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Hello everyone! I am @giving-girl, aged 21, from Nigeria. It has been an exciting two months on steemit supporting the community. My ultimate objective here is to raise funds for the feeding of street children and to offer random support for less privileged children in my community opting to go to school.



Image: This boy lives in my neighbourhood with his single mom. He barely feed. He need help with school uniform too

You don't need to experience it to know what it feels to have no home but the streets, and no family support. We see them daily wearing rags. Many children move from street to street hungry and living in abandoned buildings, warehouses and spending the night at locked store fronts after rooming the streets to fend for themselves because of intense poverty at home or abandonment. I want to put smiles on their faces with some nicely cooked meal and some gift packs once every month with your support.


To feed one street kid with a balanced diet we need #1,200 Naira (One thousand two hundred Naira - approximately $4)

To provide this feeding for twenty different street children per month, we need a minimum of Eighty dollars - $80 monthly for a start.


• Follow me @giving-girl
• Chat with me on discord Giving-girl#7644

I shall provide on the steemit platform a resteem service + upvote to encourage users to support. The aim of this is to raise funds.

Send 0.100 to @giving-girl with your post link as memo.

• 60% of income raised will be used for the feeding of street children and to provide random support for less privileged children in schools in my community Uyo/Calabar, Nigeria. This is Subject to growth. I am passionate about alleviating hunger from street children. Based on support received for this initiative, Supporters of this initiative on this platform can solicit for support for anyone in their community.

• 30% of the income raised will go for acquiring steem power to maintain the resteem service and to encourage supporters of the initiative with profitable post upvote.

• 10% will be used for data subscription and miscellaneous purposes.

• Photographs and regular report of progress on this initiative shall be published here.

Please I solicit for steem power delegation from you who is passionate about helping children have food to eat and to have smiles on their faces. My appreciation goes to all my friends on this platform for the support in embracing this initiative and to help me kick start with their steem power delegation and contribution in liquid steem and SBD.

The following friends delegated a portion of their steem power and contributed in liquid steem for the lease of 1000 steem power from @neoxian for this project to kick start fully on the steem blockchain. They are:
@desmonddesk @ayodele @tolababy @kwinether @michaeljerry0 @princeso @urchice @peakreal1 @botefarm @druids @antigenx @cherylsonty @eprolific @geekis @emn1⁨ @⁨joshelior⁩
@⁨kingernie⁩ @julietisrael @⁨oredebby
@⁨Iamchijamz⁩ @bookoons @abayomi. Not forgetting the support from @fatherfaith. You are all appreciated and shall receive random resteem for a period of time. Thank you.


I wish to appreciate the steemit platform and the entire steemit community for giving me the platform to make my dream of philanthropy a success, especially in helping street children and the less privileged a huge success.

Everyone, follow @giving-girl, use @giving-girl resteem for charity. Send 0.1 SBD to @giving-girl with your post link as memo. Support the feeding of street children.

Thank you for supporting this initiative!



This is awesome @giving-girl. I understand their feelings. I will love to be part of the donation to help archive your motives. Message me on whatsApp using 07067084652 as my number. I promise to help with the little within my means. I'm in love with the initiative

Much appreciation in anticipation. I will contact you.

I am particularly interested in lending hand to street children. I was there and can relate. I will do my best to support this project.

Welcome @giving-girl

Thank you. We need more support now than ever so this project can be successful.

@giving-girl has come to stay and im so proud to be a part of those who would lend a helping hand to the kids on the streets.....

Long live @giving-girl....
Long live steemit...

#post upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for believing in the vision

This is actually great. I know you are a dream actualizer and will achieve those dreams soonest. Every child deserves a life and living. Welcome to steemit.

You are right. No child deserves a bit of what these street kids experience.

Am so glad seeing the great outcome of this vision of yours, am also happy to be among great visionaires like you.
The sky is the limit brother.

With all what you have been doing shows you have interest in helping. Thanks so much and God bless you

Thank you for thanking me

God bless your kind heart dear. More people like you are needed in the society.

You are so kind and thoughtful towards these children.
We all would continue to help in any way we can.

May God bless you.

Thank you for the support thus far.

Wow... First of all I'm glad to finally see your introductory post after hearing so much about you.
Its glad to know you have a really kind heart and ready to help. You are very welcome and we are here to support you too.
God bless you @giving-girl

Thank you. You all made it possible.

I'm really happy to be among @giving-girl community. Though its not easy for young steemians like us to get upvote, but with the help of @giving-girl i feel happy when blogging.
Thanks to @giving-girl

This is a really nice initiative and I'm glad to be part of this project

Thanks for the support

With this i definitely believe something big is coming to hit this platform,
Big thanks to those that have have supported and especially the once behind the initiative to help the poor kids get a meal, i believe with time this project will grow much more bigger than this.

Thank you for the support

Nice one there @giving-girl, thanks for putting a smile on people's face. No child deserve hardship.

Thank you. Let's keep doing this together.

This is beautiful dear, I have been hungry before so I understand what this children face everyday without help. God bless you for standing up for this course, you will always have my support.

Thank you for supporting

Welcome, giving - girl, nice introduction post, I really love it

Welcome to the platform once again @giving-girl, nice initiatives.
Keep steeming.

Finally @giving-girl has made the long awaited introductory post.
i have benefited from you greatly and I hope to contribute to the growth of this project once I get my next post payout.

Thank you. There's always a right time.

Yes dear I greatly support you.

Welcome @giving-girl
We will sure support you in the best way we can. I'm glad we still have great minds like you who dare to make a difference and add value to people's life. Kudos!

Thank you. Tell your friends about RESTEEM FOR CHARITY

Wow! A lot of people are really suffering. I am very grateful that we got to know about steemit which has given us a platform to render help in different ways.

Nice one @giving-girl. I would definitely support this initiative.

Thank you. Please use our RESTEEM FOR CHARITY.

Send 0.1 SBD to @giving-girl to support the feeding of street children. In return we Resteem and Upvote your post. Use your post Url as Memo.

I am 100% in. I support the project with everything in my capacity. Welcome to steemit

Alright. Thanks

We can only make the world a better place if we choose to always attend to things that really matter. I am glad to be identified with a project like this.

Thank you for the support thus far

In all my life on Steemit, I've witnessed lots of life changing projects. This one beats them all.

Giving back to the community, helping the less privileged, feeding the poor, etc makes the world a better place.

@giving-girl, welcome to Steemit.I'm totally in support of the project.

Cheers 🍻 dear.

Thank you. Please our Resteem for Charity service.

This is awesome @giving-irl. I understand their feelings. I will love to be part of the donation to help archive your motives. Message me on whatsApp using 07067084652 as my number. I promise to help with the little within my means. I'm in love with the initiave

I am so happy that you are here, giving-girl! I wish you a very happy journey here on this platform :) Enjoy!!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

Wow, I'm in already, Helping these kids is such a way of saying thank you to God

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Welcome to Steem, @giving-girl!

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