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Hey everyone, I am Gilgal Naasin...
Ok to be honest I'm terrible at introductions, I just tend to run out stuff to say, I just automatically run out of stuff to say... Ok let me just tell you all about my theories... Yes theories and no it's not physics or philosophy mumbo jumbo, they are more like beliefs... and no it's not also Religious talk...

I believe GAME OF THRONES (da da dada da da dada da da da da...) Just can't get tired of that theme song. Anyway as I was saying, I believe Game of Thrones is the best thing to happen to television (and laptops and phones for all my fellow illegal downloaders out there😉). I literally torment everyone around me that doesn't watch it... without a gun though... not yet anyway

I believe Ed Sheeran is the best thing thats happened to the music industry worldwide. His music just has a way of reaching down to touch the deepest parts of you, with the surface too when you are in high spirits.

I believe George RR Martin is the best thing that's happened to literature in the 21st Century... He succeeded Sidney Sheldon (that's the only author I read outside GoT of course).

I believe Samsung is the best thing that's happened to mobile phones and tablets. I always argue with one of my classmate particularly about Samsung and Apple superiority.

Now those are my theories, now if you actually really and absolutely believe you have another that's better than any of the above, feel free to let me know.
Anyway I'm also a lover of tech, like i dream that one day I'll be this tech genius, like in the movies.
My friend tell me I'm a good listener, I guess i just have a really high threshold for listening to sense and also listening to rubbish and keeping my cool.
I'm also a Christian, love my God very much.
I don't like reading that much, or at all (lol), u might have noticed the way my reading is stereotyped, but guess what? I just happen to be a Medical Student, and i really don't know how I've survived five years with my reading dislike... Guess the thrill of cutting up people motives me more than I know.
By the way I'm NIGERIAN! yeah I love my country so much, it just never gets boring here.
Well I hope to see alot of creative stuff here, so steemians this is me introducing myself...
(I really intended for this to be short, but I can get engrossed in my writings... ok bye)

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Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

Awesome to have you apart of the community. You see like a nice person with a lot to offer. Welcome home, @gilgal. I hope you find your freedom here.


Thank you very much

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