Global Homestead Collective | Introduction

Welcome to the next step in the evolution of homesteading.

Global Homestead Collective


As the years have gone by we have gathered skills and information. We have learned from family, friends, and the internet. With the growth of the internet we have been able to connect with others easier than anyone ever thought possible.

Now is the time to connect the past with the future. To utilize the Steem blockchain to Unite, Educate, and Encourage others. Not just that we sell our goods at farmers markets , or to provide for our familys, but to learn to earn for our ideas and knowledge base.

We are gathering together self reliant and self sustaining information from around the world. Not collected in text, but in individuals. Connecting living information for the future.

Sharing our skills on the blockchain also comes with the opportunity to earn income for our ideas. We hope to connect creators with different skills to improve the quality of each post. Let our posts reflect the unique skill sets we each possess.

We are also running a contest for graphics and media. GHSC needs a footer for all to use. The best footer graphic will win 5 SBD!! Contest ends when this post pays out. Come support GHSC with your creativity.

Join us on discord for the future of homesteading.

Special thanks to I.J @steemcafe for all of the support with this amazing project. A real homesteader at heart. Also, a big thank you to @freedomtowrite for sorting out the account list and discord.

The following is a running list of homesteaders, farmers, gardeners, preppers, hunters, bush crafters etc. If you would like to be removed please let us know. If not, please give us a follow and join us on discors. See you there!

@amymya @arcticgarden @aspieprepper @ajain @aunt-deb @anwenbaumeister @alibiranch @alicemarie @arlingtonarmsx @amberyooper @armadillocreek @awesomehomestead @aedroberts @agirlandafarm @arbitrarykitten @artedellavita @arjane @aibell @allforthegood @agsurrection @andysantics48 @aggroed @aktinyhome @ameliabartlett @anomadsoul

@bobydimitrov @bodymatrix @bobydimitrov
@brimax @bien @brimwoodfarm @bluerthangreen @bobbleheadstead @basicstoliving @backrdadventures @beatitudes8 @bctruck @bradys
@backstage @bchick @bushkill @b-n-angel @bfhomestead @billandrosa @banewrath @beyondmountains @bettertogether @barriault @britchesbrambles @bthompson @brdapwll @bellhomestead @bowentroyer @borrowedearth @blocktrades @bangash @beardo @bobbleheadstead @buckaroo

@christa @crazybgadventure @canadianrenegade @cecicastor @codypanama @countrymusing @countryprepper @clickinchicken @coghill @cosmocornbread @coffeetime @carpenterbee
@clarkfarmstead @coyoteom @cheneats @captainbob @crowbarmama @carey-page @customnature

@duckpondsfarm @digestingreality @dmskihomestead @dredd @daddykirbs @dwhntx @drprepper @davidpanton @deacontom @dirtyhippie @docsmith

@eaglespirit @erinia22 @ecoinstant @earthmother @eggmeister @erikaflynn @edmesmer @em3 @elianasgarden
@elsbeth-upton @everittdmickey @engineerprepper @ele

@frostyamber @frugallady @flatrider @felander @freedomacres @farmandadventure
@flusterfarm @fishyculture @freedompoint @freedomtowrite @foodisfree @farmstead @fixedbydoc @findingjoy @fetherhd @farmhomestead19 @flemingfarm

@geordieprepper @goldendawne @globocop @gardengirlcanada @galberto @goatgarden @guided @grow-pro @goforgreenliving @greyman @gulfcoastprepper @goathollow @greenacrehome @guide.prepper @greenshine @gardenofeden @goldenoakfarm

@huwsnursery @harvardhomestead @hendrix22 @huwsnursery @halleluyahacres @homesteader @hansjurgen @hewetthomestead @heatherrose @hether240
@homesteaddad @hopfarmnc @homesteadohio @haphazard-hstead
@hollywoodsfarm @habzhomestead @hths @hvnly.hillshmstd @hebrewhousewife @homesteadbuilder @homesteaderslife

@iridium242 @inchbyinch

@jolly-homestead @jjay @jeffhan @jenisefryatt
@jayjayjeffery @joearnold @josephinky @jghomestead @jandjacres @jamiekensell @jrchomestead @jenncapestany @jonpetrich @jkiw @jaelrey @jist

@kiaraantonoviche @knownassam @karenfoster @knowledge-seeker @kiaraantonoviche @katedansyng @kebin

@llfarms @ligayagardener @leemlaframboise @lyndsaybowes @lifemovedbysteem @leaving-egypt @lone-sliver @longsilver @littlebitfarm @leafhopperfarm @livingtraditions @lazyprepper

@mnmleger @miriamaendres @minismallholding @medic8553 @madein-hisimage @ministeading @mountainmamma @myalaskadream @mariannewest @mccreahomestead @minighomestead @myhomesteaded @minigrowl @mnhomesteader @mountainjewel @mtgoat @mylilhomestead @mnmleger @mamadini @ministeading @mericanhomestead @mother2chicks @mtnmeadowmomma @makinstuff

@nolnocluap @noxdarkness @notquiteafarm @nobudgethomestd @nerd-minion @nicholi @nicholasj @notafraid @nowherehomestead
@nefey1117 @newprepper

@overthewait @ozarkdogwood @organicprepper @offgridnation @oilyshumblehome @ozarkoffgridfam @offgridlife

@plumey @piratefoodco @preppervetuk @pennsif @pumpkinsandcats @preppin-for-real @primalresist @papa-pepper @phoenixwren @perceivingalife @pennterra @pfeilerfam5 @phedizzle @powellx5 @prepsub
@prep4shtf @preparedwombat @paradise-found

@qberry @quadratactical @quinneaker @quietacres

@ravenruis @realistnews @radiokaos @reptilerick @resistancemedic @riversedge @rakkasan84 @rockybrookfarm @raincountry

@squdsi1 @satasco2017 @steemtobefree @stonemaiden @squdsi1 @stortebeker @shadowblade @sheepdogman @stonehouse @stnwllstrtgc @survivingslav14 @sireland @sarahjayn0801 @sarkhomestead @shalomacres @sback @southernpaganmom @squishysquid @sthomestead @schoonercreek
@sufficientliving @skycae @sircork @solarparadise @silversmyth @sovereign-naan
@saved4newlife @sagescrub @stacking9mm @simply7living @suzique @svfarms @siloe @sharingfarming

@timmartin @theferalone @thelifeofbrian @theneohippy @tanglebranch @tdre @trippinsaputos @themerrylotus @theferalone @tahorfarm @therightsideofup @teotwawkiman @twofamhomestead @theoklaprepper @torquewrench1969 @texasboys @toastyrabbits @txbogey @timmo3663 @twinislandflames @teerx @tiredmama @thefarmerswife @tanglebranch @tedgoodwin

@unclemike @underthekiltfarm

@vegansilverstack @volcanosquad

@wwf @westfieldway @weetreebonsai @waffl3ir0n @whitedove @wholesomeroots @wavemaster @wbrianjolly @warnerhomestead @waykiwayki @waysidehomestead @walkerland



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Welcome to Steem Community @ghscollective! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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I'm a homesteader...

  • Sounds like a good idea you have going. Add me to the list please!

Awsome idea ! This has much potential and all of us should join because everyone has knowledge in something and can teach the world.
I love Steemit because this possibilities and people like you having this great ideas and just make them reality!


I agree. The more the merrier. We all have some sort of skill, and should capitalize being on the blockchain.

Welcome to Steemit ghscollective. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem or anything related to it! The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. We also have DTube - our very own Youtube, DSound for Soundcloud and Steepshot if you prefer Instagram like experience. I'd also like to mention ChainBB - forums, Busy - Steemit with more modern look basically, DMania for memes and Dlive for streaming just like in Twitch! You can also earn Steem by gaming now! Search for Steemgar if that's more your thing. Welcome to the blockchain! :)


chainbb is no longer operating @janne

Welcome to steemit @ghscollective. Join @minnowsupport project for more help. Checkout @helpie and @qurator projects.
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Me too, please! This is a great idea! An idea that should have been here a long time ago.


Thank you! We are hoping for big things. Spread the word.


I think this is great. We need to share what we know and support one another as best we can.

Great idea, I'm loving it. Resteemed.


Thank you! This could be amazing. Keep spreading the word and come join us on discord.

I talk about myself wanting to get to a point where I can make the jump to homesteading in my very first @dtube @steemit video :) Very glad you started this channel! I will be watching all your stuff, no doubt.


Great! Homesteading in general.....amazing. Anytime we take our responsibilities into our own hands is freeing. It isn't easy, but it is worth it.

Lets do this! Im on board and at your disposal!!


Yes! Tell everyone. Spread the word. It is the people in the communities that keep them alive not the ones who created it.

This is an Excellent way for us all to help each other, I'm onboard!


It is a great opportunity to learn all sorts of useful information, and earn income from our skills.

Hello, ghscollective! Best wishes for a very rewarding expereince here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) It is my pleasure to meet you!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

I've got to save this post So I can check out some of these names. I recognize many off them, but some are new to me. Thanks for the list!


You are welcome. We got the original list from @pennsif....he did the heavy lifting. @freedomtowrite added names and made it alphabetical. There are plenty that are not on there and some that are inactive. If you wouldn't mind resteeming...spread the word.

I love the concept! Thanks for including us in that beefy list. I wish I could watch the videos but I am having trouble with dtube. :/ Will try again tomorrow. -Canadian Aimee


Hey! The second picture is a youtube link 😉


Fantastic, thanks! I will watch tonight. -Aimee


You are welcome. The idea that we can learn new skills (both online and off) and learn to gain more for our higher quality posts sounds great. Perhaps bring the homesteading community to the forefront of communities on steemit. Change some lives!

Very cool - Always interested in learning more about homesteading. You're my first follow :)

Congratulations @ghscollective!
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Welcome to Steemit!

This is SO helpful. Thanks. Please add me. I don't see myself ;)


You have been added!


Thank you! And thanks for the post! Love my goaties


I love the photo of the baby goat at the top of this post! So cute!
Thanks for sharing the info about the GHS Collective with us today!


I just recently got into using steemit and even reddit more frequently and its organizations and people like this thats making me hooked this is so cool! @ghscollective


Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.