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RE: Introduction. The unterrible part of being a homeless teen

I verify that this is Wendy McElroy, the well-known individualist anarchist and individualist feminist, author and columnist. She confirmed to me via email that it's really her.

Here's her website ( and her most recent book is Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women

Welcome Wendy! Wow, I had no idea. Your story really touched me...

I left home when I was 17, had to sneak out in the middle of the night and wasn't permitted to take along hardly any of my possessions. I was lucky tho. I had a good friend who rented me a room, a Grandpa who sent me a couple hundred bucks a month and a job selling electronics on commission.

How awesome that you're here! I've followed you. :)


You are pretty awesome yourself, George. One of the hardest working SF writers I know. And tolerant. Sometimes that's necessary when working with me. Thanks for all your help in getting established on Steemit.

It's a pleasure, and you're too kind.

Wait 'til we work together again to call me kind, George, because I remember irritating you deeply at one point. :-) BTW, I'm largely doing my own marketing on "Rape Culture Hysteria" and I'm learning a boatload of techniques; it is going decently. Of course, I don't have anything like the mass of marketing info you offer at the Libertarian Science Fiction Association -- which I highly recommend to non-libertarian writers as well. It is the friendliest, most helpful group of writers I've ever encountered. I am trying to transition from non-fiction to novels and members like George have displayed nothing but encouragement.

Haha, naw.

Do you have a mailing list? That's a good basic step. Let me know if you need any help with it.

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