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Holla steemit :@emmllionaire introduced me to the steemit community during our nigerian youth service corp orientation camp@ nowa gbam tai rivers state nigeria.However,this is my first post in this great community which basically,is also my first introductory post.
My name is Okoro Samson.
I am a graduate of economics from ebonyi state university abakaliki in ebonyi state,Nigeria.I am a full fledged ebonyi state boy from the eastern part of Nigeria.Both mum and dad came from the same state precisely,edda in afikpo south of ebonyi state.
I am 24 years old,a Nigerian,i'm single and currently serving my dear country as a corpper.
I speak english fleuntly and some part of french.BeautyPlus_20180122163119_fast.jpg
I am a sports lover, mostly football and am also addicted to reading.In my second year in the university, i held the post of director of sports(DOS)at the SUG(Student Union Government)level.Moreso,i am a christian and a full member of Assemblies of God church Nigeria,located at 3-4 shallom way umungasi aba,abia state Nigeria.I easily make friends and also infleunce people positively to achieve a common goal.
@Istagram, i have 1956 followers,
@facebook,2872 Fans,
@Twitter,1634 followers.
Favourite Books;
Think and grow rich;By Napoleon Hill.
Rich dad poor dad;By Robert T.Kiyosaki
Think big;By Ben Carson
Rules of wealth;By Richard Templar.
The Magic of Thinking Big;By David J. Schwartz
Rules of life;By Richard Templar.
As a thinketh; By James Allen.
The 48 laws of power;By Robert Greene and Joost Elffers.
The science of getting rich;By Wallace D. Wattles.
The law of Financial Success;By Edward E. Beals.
How to control your mind;By Sandeep Maheshwari.
Your mind and how to control it;By william Walker Atkinson.
Don't throw Away Tomorrow;By Robert H. Schuller.
Americanah;By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Gifted hands;By Ben Carson.
The secret of success;By William Walker Atkinson,And among many others.
Favourite sports;
Table Tennis
Motor Sport
Ice Hockey,and among many others.
Favourite fruits;
Water Melon
banana, and many others.
Favourite Movies;
King of heart - z world
Expendables - youtube
My heart bit for lola - z world
Twist of heart - z world
Homeland - MBC 2
London has fallen - MBC Action
Blindspot - Youtube, and among many others.
Believe me say that am really very happy to belong to this great family called "STEEMIT" and i can't wait to contribute to the growth and further expansion of this great community through my post and blogging.
However, my shout out goes to the founder of this great community,@emmllionaire and @fabian who introduced me to this community and also helped me out in my signing in,and those who have been here before now, i hope am welcomed.

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Welcome @gentlesam.

Welcome to Steemit @gentlesam!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Hello @gentlesam, welcome to Steemit, the best community in the universe !!!

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Welcome to @Steemit una vaina bien..

Hello gentlesam! Thanks for sharing. Keep writing good quality content and let's grow the community together.

Able D.O.S.! :D Welcome to Steemit, Sam. Wishing you great success on the platform. I see you have Think and Grow Rich at the top of your list... that's one of my favorites too.

wow you read pretty much the exact same books I do, you are definitely bound for greatness!! My first youtube video on my page is actually about some of these books you listed. I really like seeing stuff like that, good job bro. Ill see you around, and welcome to Steemit!!! This link is the video on my youtube I was talking about, my fav is think and grow rich, I listen to most of them on audio everyday. I also gave you a .22 sbd upvote


Wow thanks a lot @ truce.

Welcome @gentlesam 🌷🙋

Welcome to Steemit.
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nice tohave you in steemit @gentlesam, guess what?

i've stayed in umungasi before... if you eed any help, do well to contact me.


wow that is really cool dear,looking forward to knowing u more.


of course dear

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