Hey ! No...Hi ! It's my... no that's all wrong... Wait, no, I know ! Here is the most flawless, most self-assured self introduction you've ever read !

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which also happens to perfectly fit into the title bar and... I don't know where I'm going with that bit (at least I'm honest with that.)

Oh wow, that was way easier than I thought.
You can call me Terry ! I'm just happy to be here !
I've already over did it with the exclamation points ! Onward with the presentation !

I like to think of myself as a writer. Kind of an experimental one. Or a crappy one, depends on who you ask. Well, I don't mean to brag (You know that when someone says that, it's to brag. As such, it is exactly what I'm going to do.) but no one ever said that I was a bad writer (to my face).
Steemit is kind of a new experience, mostly because I'll be writing in english and I'm french (No, I'm not from Paris, I'm actually from a little town next to it called Charenton ) so....I don't know really, I guess I'm trying to say that I'll make mistakes and I hope they won't be too bad.

What else...what else... Oh yeah ! I'm 23 ! So...Hum....Yay... ?
Yeah, I'm bad at this, at trying to be concise and clear, I mean...I like to write like I talk, and it's a bit messy. But it's only when I'm doing this kind of bit, where I'm supposed to do something...hum...official ? You know, presentations. Got some writing jitters. Or some kind of...hum... I don't know, I'm just bad at doing clear stuff.
It can get annoying and if you're still with me past this sentence, it must mean I'm doing something right ! ( Or you're just trying to see where this trainwreck is going to go, either way, I win.)

Should I...like... include some other stuff ? About myself ? Wouldn't that be weird ? Wait, no, a lot of people do that.... I just... don't really feel comfortable doing it myself.
Gosh, that is a BAD presentation if I ever saw one. Not the greatest first impression either.
I'm rambling, my god, I AM my dad !
And there was so much I wanted to say to ! Like how I see the world and how I'd like to travel but at the same time, I feel like I would be abandoning my family back home, about my wish to be fullfilled in life by something else than work even though I don't even work yet, how I seriously think that we're heading into a worldwide disaster if we're not careful about the environnement and all that good shit, you know ?

TL;DR I'm a lost young adult who's still searching for himself in a really weird world. But I'm having fun. Sometimes.

So I guess I'll be talking about myself and writing stories around here and do a bit of french/english translation . And maybe you'll find a bit of yourself in me. Or I'll find a bit of myself in you. How ? I don't know. Wait, no, I do know, the comments !

Oh yeah, a picture, I don't have one right now, I'll probably upload one tomorrow ( Oh, the magical land of tomorrow. Did you ever hear that saying ? Once you get to tomorrow, it has already become today so you never get anything done ? Yeah; I don't really know how that saying goes but you see what I mean.)

So... yeah. I introduced myself. I tried to be as...truthful to myself as I could be. Hope you liked it. I sure did.

Oh yeah, a picture !

....Yeah, maybe not the best, but.. again... me.

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How are you? @Gemki, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner


Well I am doing okay ( with a light headache (not related to that bottle I swear)) thank you very much. And thanks for your welcome. It's.... it's cool. Really, thanks.

Hi there @Gemki welcome to steemit! I am new as well so it's nice to read up on the other joiners here too.

What a title, by the way, that really made me laugh. I can see you have a wonderful sense of humor. Keep doing you and enjoy steemit! :)


Thanks. We, the newbies, gotta stick together and... try our best to stay afloat on that boat that is steemlit ( Yeah, I'm still trying to keep that kind of marine-vibe going )

Funny title..keep drinking buddy, good having you here. @darius1993


It's good to be here ! And to be drinking. It's good to be drinking here !

this is really nice from you i like it


Thanks ! I tried my best here. Well, not really my best but, like.... you know, the truest to myself.

Hey I'm new here too bro we can follow each other I have some interesting content I'm gonna provide


Well I don't see why not ! Let's do this ! And thanks for commenting ! I'm still overpunctuating !