any advice tips etc

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Hi Guys,
Just joined and seeing if any of experts out there can advise me on my best approach to using this. I live in the uk and noticed that everything is in USD can this be changed to GBP? Never done blogging before or ever posted any videos on youtube so hence the cry for help.


welcome to the platform . I am very happy that new people are added to this platform every day. good luck!

Hi Gary, I'm from the UK too... AFAIK you can't change it to GBP but that's probably no bad thing because if you ever wanted to trade your Steem in via an exchange it's all in dollars anyway. After getting into crypto my mind has naturally adjusted to looking at my investments in dollars whilst still living in the UK haha.

Thanks for your quick reply so new to this have no idea what I need to do lol

Haha no worries I'm sure you'll get there eventually :)

how long have you been doing this and how are you finding it

Just for a couple of days... It's hard to tell, everything's more difficult when you start out but you've just gotta be consistent and eventually it'll get better.