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Howdy Steemers! Hmm..is it Steemers? Steemites? Steemidians?...I...I'm new here.. Anyhow I've been informed that it's traditional to introduce oneself and so here I go...

My name is Dan, or Daniel if you're that one girl from high school, and I'm a 33 year old professional poker player from Detroit(ish), Michigan.                                         I look like this    Note: Glasses not prescription

                                                               Detroit looks like this Source 

Aside from poker, I have a wide range of interests that include, but are not limited to, books (fantasy and otherwise), movies, sports (also, fantasy and otherwise), politics, cryptocurrency, and figuring out how to achieve the optimal internal temperature for a hot pocket (credit to Jim Gaffigan for this joke). The plan is to use this site as a journal of sorts and simply record some of my thoughts and daily goings on. I suspect there will be a lean towards poker as that takes up much of my time, but who can say. I'm looking forward to engaging in the community to the degree that my schedule and level of boredom allows. For anyone who has bothered to read this, you're either my friend IRL ( In which case call me...I miss you...I miss US) or you are a person with a little too much free time on your hands (kudos). In either case I appreciate the view and wish you a lovely day. Cheers

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If you like poker, you should check out the Steemit Poker League at @spl ;)

Welcome to the party

'Steemers' sure sounds a lot better than what we have now.

Welcome to the platform. You may be interested in the Steem Poker League.


Thanks. I checked it out but it appears that they are suspending tournaments for now. Perhaps when the market turns around a bit they will be up and running again.

Thanks, gang :)

Welcome on board! I follow you my friend

Welcome to steem! Good luck!

Yep, too much time on my hands. Anyways welcome to steemit and lucksacks poker. Looking forward to your poker content. The quality of freeroll play here is unmatched. Cya at the tables.