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Who are we?

We are @funnycomments and we are going to bring joy to the Steemit community by finding the funniest comments while trying to improve quality commenting along the way!

You guys have seen comments like, "Hello very nice, please follow me", "Vote me and I vote you back" and "Follow for follow?". These comments are found on almost every popular post, but also on less popular posts. For an author it is very discouraging to get these kinds of comments repeatedly as they show no interest in the content for which the author has worked hard on.

We can't remove the follow4follow comments (even we if we keep bombing them with flags), however we can try to make them into something we can enjoy, because some of them are pretty hilarious.

Our page is going to display the funniest spam, f4f and beg etc. comments of Steemit! In addition, we are going to search for funny non-spam comments, which we will reward by upvoting as there are some very clever and hilarious commenters out there.

To the Steemit community

We recognize that there are many internationals on Steemit who don't have English as their first language. Therefore, before we include any comments, we are going to check the users, whether they truly are a spammer or a begger. Also, we want to encourage people (the spammers) to change so we are going to remove their names, so it makes it harder for people to find them if they want to flag them.

They say, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ but at @funnycomments we prefer to laugh instead.

"Curating the funniest comments on Steemit"



Cool concept. Will be funny to see which kind of crazy you guys will be able to drag up :o).

Haha we already have seen some things that are not healthy for the public

Jk !

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Yes with the drama happening lately, we need it!

We all need a little laugh. Glad to see you join Steemit!

Calling @originalworks :)
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Welcome to the Steemit Family : )

wow, what a good project. Please follow me, Ill follow...

͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Beware @funnycomments in your quest to bring joy and find comments you will come across many bullshit.
You have been warned.
Now here is a picture of a cute cat.


download (1).jpg

The above comment was a welcome joke and is to be taken lightly.

That's what we like here.

U wrote "

"we are going to check the users, whether they truly are a spammer or a begger."

Do I address my comment to the bird choking the rabbit? Or should I just make an open ended broad statement that allows other to re comment on my comment.... I understand you are looking for funny comment because that's what your @ is. ...BUT... in all seriousness

Before I get on with my original question.

Why is the bird choking the rabbit pointing what I can only assume is a space gun? And why does the bird who's choking the chicken pointing a space lazer blaster when he obviously has hired a greased up chicken to be his online realm troll defender.

Honestly , look at the size of that chicken greasers finger nail..dangerous indeed.

To my initial comment regarding spammers and beggars..

Beggar is kinda not politically correct IMO.

Begging is an actual income to some.... not just anyone can beg for a living.... it takes a certain thick skin.

I feel you should reword or officail correct your phrasing to //..

Hunt down Spammers and SPH's

( Steemit Penny Hustlers

Thank you for your honest thoughts. We thought we were clear in clarifying what we mean with "beggers", the people who are continiously asking for upvotes and followers.

Also penny hustlers wouldn't be correct either, because those people are after small as well as whale votes.

Sorry if we offended anyone with the word "begger". We will keep this in mind and try to find a more suitable word if we get more complains about it, as of now we can't think of a more suitable word.

Well at least something positive came out of this whole
" begger" bashing fiasco... Together we are getting the Penny Hustler identity out into the masses consciousness. I feel Penny Hustler should be capitalised from now on , online.

Penny Hustler is not a bad thing IMO

It could be a brilliant bridge to dispel the negative connotations that the word" begger" brings to the table.

Let's be honest. Flesh and bones beggers that are not programmed web bots and are indeed still persuaded by their parents to hit the corner to beg.

So if we applied some science to this whole public perception conundrum regarding Penny Hustlers on steemit being called out as staright up beggers.... we maybe get some more creative cent soliciting.... cause Hustlers has that cool vibe going for it.

True, it would create a more possitive view.

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Welcome @funnycomments

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is the typo for follow intended?

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we could not stop them from posting funny comments.

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I like your idea. Hope we can be fun 2gether. Let's steemit.

Hi @funnycomments, once you get rid of the beggers you'll end up with just the beggars to deal with :D

Hello, you are welcome to steemit!!! I give you upvote to your post

Hahaha! I liked the Fallow us. 😂