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RE: We Are Change Colorado is stepping onto the Steemit scene! A Denver-based activist collective, here to bring you news, videos, philosophy, and much more!

you said: >>>We have tapped into the local permaculture gardening community which has been trying to bring healthy food and the invaluable skill of providing for oneself back to Western culture.<<<

Are there any AnarchoVols among that crowd in CO?


Vols? Voluntaryists? Anarchovoluntaryists? Is that not entirely redundant? Or did you mean something else? Just hadn't heard that hyphenation yet.

Usually, I just put A/V for AnarchoVoluntyrist. distinguish from AnCaps who are too centered on, and/or consumed with earthly covetousness, and AnarchoCommies who LIVE to force people into shit. So no... Not redundant.

Anyway... in relation to growing REAL food, we have an opportunity presenting itself in Costilla Co., CO (on the NM border), where we can build a full blown AnarchoAgora. About 5k population. Do you skype?

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