My Reintroductory Post

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Screenshot from Frazer's Mac Book Air in Minecraft version 1.12.2​

Hi, my name is @frobear and I'm​ 15 . I Have been on steemit since August 2016. I have done a few posts but nothing major. I live on the beautiful sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia. Last weekend I went to the Brisbane steemup where I decided to get back active in the steemit community that and @stephen-somers (my dad) told me to get back active in steemit or get a job, so I choose the former.

My passions are lego, computer gaming, and architect​cure. I'm in year 10 and I struggle with english​ and that was the major reason for me joining steemit for me to improve my english (sorry if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes I​ have to try my best). I don't know what I'm going to be posting but it will probably have to something with games.​​

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Hey @frobear it’s really great that you have made your reindroductory post. Posting on Steemit is much more fun than stacking supermarket shelves or flipping burgers.
Thanks you for supporting me with my attempts at getting Steemups going here in South East QLD and coming down to Brisbane for Sunday’s Steemup.
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Welcome back to steemit. Lots of topics to post on there are a lot of games and contest, I am sure you will find a place and topics you like.


thank you​ for the welcome back


If you like games, @apolymask is in the process of developing and running one right now, it is not to late to join, and final prize is quite large it is called IFC Information Finding Championship, I think we will be on round 15 next, he is expecting 60 rounds, a good group of people, non troll types, just people having fun.


thank you for the suggestion

Good to see you back @frobear. Looking forward to reading about your games!

Welcome to steemit,a community for positive people just like you,trust me you'll enjoy every bit of it,It takes patience,commitment,perseverance and dedication to succeed on can follow me @donkelly


thank you for the welcome

I see steemit logo mozaik