Hello all. Who am I?

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Hi everyone,

Here on steemit and elsewhere on the net I go by the name of frizzers, though my real name is Dominic Frisby. I'm a financial writer and, oddly, a comedian from London. 

Here's what I look like:

Pretty sexy, huh?

I write for various sites online, including Moneyweek, the Guardian, ReactionLife and the Independent. I've also written a couple of books: Life After The State, which makes the argument that we would all be better off with less government in our lives, and Bitcoin: the Future of Money?, which told the amazing story of you know what. 

I also co-wrote and narrated a film some of you may have seen called Four Horsemen.

@jonnybitcoin put me onto Steemit (thank you, Mr) and I love it. I'm looking forward to contributing. I'll also share stuff that I've written for sites elsewhere. I'm particularly interested in money, money systems, freedom, taxes and tech. 

As for my comedy, I've just come back from the Edinburgh Festival where I did a show about tax. It was funnier than it sounds. I'll put up a vid as I get it edited. In the meantime, for your entertainment here's one I made a few years back:


Glad to see you have jumped on board and come along for the ride.

@frizzers I'm also interested in money, money systems, freedom and taxes. You look like you already have a large following, but i will follow as well. Best wishes

Well hello dar!

Four horsemen was epic. Thank you for your work on that. Ya know, it strikes me that to handle a subject like that film would require at least some comedic inclination, otherwise it'd be a whole lot of angst and crying. Welcome aboard matey, I look forward to snatching up a copy of your book since I loved your work on that film, and to engaging with your blog.

Happy Steeming, new friend.

Welcome. I look forward to seeing what you write here!

Hello and welcome to Steemit!
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Have fun Steeming! :)

Welcome. Nice to have more fellow UK members.

Who's on your panel of imaginary mentors?

Blimey. There's a question. Off the top of my head, Satoshi (obvs), Isaac Newton, Alfred the Great, and I'm just starting to get into Cowperthwaite. Comedy-wise - John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and a few others.

Nice to meet a talented writer. I am first time attempt to write in Steemit.

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