Hello Steem. My Intro Post

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Hi! My name is @freerunner.
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I am fourteen and I have finally decided that it is time to make some money! Because I am kinda running low, as you can see.


The majority of my posts will be about my prop builds. Here is a prop that I built in my garage, for example. DSC_0634.JPG

I will also post about parkour and freerunning.

And that's basically all I have to say. But before I go I would like to give a shout-out to all the people that inspired me to do steemit:
My dad and my mom, @noboxes and @mamaloves, all my sisters, @gringalicious, @uglysweater, @fullofhope, and @alovelymess, my brothers, @trumpit, @rigaronib, and @drobinson, my aunt, @lifesadonut, and of course, my best friend/cousin, @hotrod!

Thank you for reading my post.

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Hello @freerunner welcome to steemit I really hope you enjoy this platform....I wish you all the luck.

Thank you very much, @robertsekhose!

Jah love

Welcome to steemit

Thank you a lot I appreciate that, @cookit

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you, @yummyrum

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to the community! Followed!

I appreciate that, @skycornish! Thank you for commenting.

You look so badass with the hood, I have to follow now!
Good luck!

Thanks, @easymoney202!

good post

Welcome to Steemit @freerunner. I haven't seen this niche yet on steemit, best of luck!

Check out my blog for all health related content, enjoy your stay!

Thank you, @focusfit

Good introduction of self, greetings @freerunner

Thanks so much, @permatacinta!

Welcome @freerunner!! Glad you are joining the rest of your fam here on Steemit, and I think you will find more than a dollar in your wallet to make those awesome props with just a bit of effort on this platform :)

It's super cool to be here! Thank you for commenting! @polebird

Welcome to steemit @freerunner, good luck

Thank you, @amponchiek!

Great Steemit name and great support system. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Thank you so much, @sumatranate!

Have a nice and warm welcome to this community.

I am so glad that you have joined us. Remember, quality and not quantity gains money on steemit. Our community is awesome and rewards the most informative contributions!

Thanks for the advice, @braag!

Good post.

Thanks, @lucy-moments!

Welcome to steemit
keep steem on

Thank you very much, @syipop!

Love your honesty @freerunner ! Welcome to steemit. Wishing you a lot of luck on this platform :-)

Thank you, @yasminep! I appreciate it!

Very cool! I'm trying to get my teens on Steemit; any advice on how to interest them?

My family convinced me by telling me that if I worked hard on steemit, I could eventually save up enough money to buy my own car!

Yep, your own car would be incentive enough for most teens! Thanks, @freerunner I'll try that 😎

Welcome to the board.

You are welcome to this wonderful community bro, have fun.

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Thank You! ⚜

Thank you, @hynet! I cant wait to really get started!

Great Job! I'm SO proud of you! You are going to do great! And Your prop builds are awesome!

Thank you so much, @lifes-a-donut!

Welcome to steemit and enjoy the wonderful community here😊

Welcome! Wow, instant steemit meetup whenever you gather. That's gotta be a record within one family.

Welcome to steemit ocean. Greetings


Welcome and looking forward to your posts! Good luck @journeyfreedom

Excellent publication, I liked it very much and welcome to this community, I give you my vote of support and I invite you to follow me. My friend. I have many tips that will make your posts rise quickly, and here I leave you to see for yourself and vote for my latest publication https://steemit.com/spanish/@douglasbg/una-manana-resplandeciente-en-tierras-andinas Greetings.

Greetings to you too, @douglasbg! Thank you for commenting.

Welcome @freerunner!! So glad you decided to jump in! You will do great:)

Thank you, @itsallasong

Welcome to Steemit. Just a little piece of advice. Initially, you might not earn mush through the posts but don't give up. Keep creating good content and have fun after all

Thank you very much for that advice, @its.parth.hey

WElcome to steemit. I know how you feel, the moths ate my wallet because they were hungry due to the lack of money in it.

LOL Thanks for the funny comment, @andyfishman!

wow 14 years old and already so motivated to make money! im impressed, good for you. gave you a follow,make sure to follow back :) good luck to you!

Thank you for following, @kenzi-paq

absolutely! good luck. youll do great :)

welcome to steemit ! upvoted & followed !

Thanks so much! I really appreciate that, @doitvoluntarily!


thank you its great to be here!! @cbanks

Welcome @freerunner! I'm curious to see these prop builds. Are they props as in movie or theatre props? My husband went to make-up school in Hollywood for special effects. He worked on prosthetic pieces for the Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Before your time for certain, but cool props and special effects often go together.

To answer your question, the props I make can be movie props or video game props. Thanks for commenting @crowbarmama!

@freerunner Welcome ... and most important have fun during the journey :)

I think I will have fun! Thank you, @splendorhub!

@freerunner, welcome to Steemit. You have joined a wonderful community. Sounds like you are from a great Steemit lineage.

Thanks for being unique and adding to the diversity of our Steemit community. #notlikeme

Thank you so much, @notlikeme!

Great fist post @freerunner Welcome to the steemit community!!

Thanks, @mikepedro! i appreciate it.

Welcome to Steemit and Good luck to you)

wellcome my friend @freerunner

I like your all posts

Welcome to Steemit. You will enjoy here. First, I think that you are Freddie Highmore. haha i'm so exited if it was him.220px-Freddie_Highmore_2013_(Straighten_Crop).jpg

He's my fav actor.

Are u going to post stuff about parkour? Because that would be really awesome

usahamu untuk mendapatkan uang di usia 14 tahun sangat memotivasi

Nice to meet you. It’s cool that you are starting this out at the age of 14, this is so awesome.

Thank you very much for commenting, @toddcurry!

Hey!! muy buen post! muy interesante
te deseo mucho exito, aqui mi perfil si quieres seguirme @luisdam


Thanks, @lifeisartsandy!


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Welcome to this community. You are supposed to rock here brother.

Welcome to this beautiful community. a greeting. I invite you to visit my blog

How cool! I know your sister @gringalicious, she is very sweet. Welcome to Steemit. I hope you are very successful. And I'm waiting for more posts from you :)

Welcome! Looks like you’re off to a good start 😊

Another member @gringalicious' family member?? I can't wait for what you have in store!!

Congratulations @freerunner!
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yes Dude, welcome!

Welcome! I'm new here too so I wish both of us luck :)

Welcome and i'm excited to see more of you =) followed

Welcome, hope you to enjoy the journey

very nice, welcome!!!

Welcom, good luck.

You're in a great place! Looks like you have a lot of support already! The parkour is moving climbing fast in the city right? I put this together for new steemers hope it helps:

That is parkour in a nutshell. Thanks for the comment, @marcuswahl!

You’re most welcome

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you for commenting, @archive.xyz