Intro to FrankP - Child Beats Me Up in Park!

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Child Beats Me Up in Park !

OK this is my first post my name is FrankP...I like flying airplanes, scuba diving, being married, starting companies, CRYPTO-CURRENCIES ! I live in Canada. This kid below IS NOT MINE..well she is my niece. My daughter is 18 and out the door. She is a STAGE PERFORMER. I'll try to get her hooked up on these STEEMIT thang!

OK I have a HOT WIFE but she hates being filmed. I'm not good at writing stuff so I may do more videos.

I have started a bunch of businesses over the last 10 years. So I'm taking a break now. I suck at FACEBOOK posts so I thought I would surprise the FAM and tell them they ARE LOSERS if they don't get on this STEEMIT stuff.

I like buying & researching cryptos (wrong order). This is me:

FP CloseUP.png

Don't I look trust worthy ? Maybe I look like a bot...

Oh ya I play(ed) football !

COLLEGE - Glory Days
PRO - Older Glory days

ANY HOOO... Enough about me what about YOU!

Thanks for Reading!


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Holy smokes thx for the votes! That was a rhyme. FrankP

I always buy and then do the research on crypto LOL

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