Let me introduce to you the vision of Forest Friendly Family: connecting people to save the Earth

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Members of our Forest Friendly Family (FFF) are not only environmentalists, farmers, teachers, businessmen, artists, technicians, employees or scientists, but interconnection of all human kinds regardless of gender, race, or religion. Our vision is to connect people around the world who think about the impact of their behaviour on the environment and drawing on proper self-reflection. We associate all who want to participate in a positive change with a positive attitude. We want to show that our planet can feed and offers enough space for all of humanity and all the other not-yet extinct species of animals, plants and microorganisms.

Let us join forces and prove that the evolution of our society, human thinking and technology lead to a more sustainable way of life without restrictions and with better amenities than we have ever previously received.

Family is the foundation of every society and we believe we should build on it. Transparency and the resulting trust are fundamental pillars of our effort.

We strongly believe networking and sharing are the keys to solve most of our problems. That is why we have chosen STEEMIT as the main meeting point. However, we look forward to organizing conferences or festivals to meet all of you in the real world as well.

Short-term road map of FFF

1. Engage with the community (ongoing process)

Express your mind and talent through Forest Friendly STEEM Contests, get revenue and bring up hot topics.

Weekly Forest Friendly STEEM CONTESTS

  • Question
  • Picture
  • Point of view
  • Poem
  • Novel
  • Video

Prizes of Forest Friendly STEEM contests

1. Prize

  • Resteem your recent post on @treeplanter blog (over 3500 followers)
  • 100% upvote of treeplanter on your recent post
  • 25% of revenue of the contest post

2. Prize

  • 50% upvote of treeplanter on your recent post
  • 15% of revenue of the contest post

3. Prize

  • 10% of revenue of the contest post

2. Open up hot topics (from October)

There are pertinent issues humanity needs to solve before it is late. We would like to open those topics by the informative article and discuss with all of you about it on Forest Friendly Family Discord Channel.

  • Climate change
  • Lack of water and fertile soil
  • Gap between rich and poor
  • Pollution
    ...and many others

3. Start with sharing economy program (from October)

This is going to be big. But cannot tell you more about it now. However, we are going to inform you about this program very soon.

Would you like to become member of Forest Friendly Family?

Follow @forestfriendly
Contact us on Forest Friendly Family Discord Channel
Use tag forestfriendlyfamily

Together, we can make the Earth better place to life for everyone!

Members of Forest Friendly Family (institutions)

@treeplanter, @kedjom-keku, @thegreens, @biodiversity, @ecodesigns, @greennews, @tuanis, @dukefranky

Members of Forest Friendly Family (persons)

@martin.mikes, @mr-greens, @akumbu, @raserrano, @nforyembe, @mumbang, @manka, @wormualain, @princelouise, @thanianshiri, @laurakiss, @kari.nzante, @edmondsebeb, @vanoeljoicealma, @ginandze



Hey Forest

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Hello, thanks a lot. We hope everyone will enjoy our journey here as well. ;)
Nice day.

It is a privilage for me being a member of this family. Having the opportunity to do more for mother earth am also to reach out to many via this platform to do thesame for planet earth.

Welcome on board and we are proud to be members of this wonderful family. #forestfriendlyfamily

We are proud your organization is a member of this wonderful family.

We are a proud member of this community that is going to improve the lives of people and planet. Go #forestfriendlyfamily!

We love @ecodesigns goal so much!

This is beautiful. I just joined the discord, I’m not there much but I’m definitely looking forward the future of this project.
I also wanted to start using your tag so I retagged my cleanup day post from 2 days ago because it seems to be right here in the front pocket.
I hope you dig it =) It’s a music video I made about trash.

Hello. See you on discord. Sure you the tag for environmental friendly posts. That would be great. Going to listen to your music video. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to collaborating.

I'm glad to see that the project is coming into reality and we are moving forward to our common goal.

It is really great to have such a great and inspiring project as @greennews in our family. Looking forward for more news.

Hey forestfriendly! If you would like to see what the current trending content and topics on the internet are consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts to make your personal feed more fun and informative.

Hello, thanks. We are going to check it out.

Nice to see your account finally posting something : -)
100% upvoted and resteemed.
Wish you the very best of luck!

Hello, thank you, we are also glad we finally started posting. Have you already seen our first contest?

I will look into it.

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