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Hello people, you are welcome to @fbm0000 giants. We are a people of vision and focus with the intention to raise financial giants (entrepreneurs) within the steemit commununity through curation of contents in the fbm community.

Steemit is not a get quick money venture, it is not a place to be an observer either. You have to work for the money and together we will achieve that through systematic planning and strategizing.

We are determined to assist newbies on steemit and how can we do this, through trainings and upvotes. The capacity of our steem power will enable us give the best in terms of numbers of beneficiaries in a day. We will not just up vote any post but posts with content to meet the standard on steemit as per quality of content and originality. Plagiarism is an offence and will not be tolerated from anyone, even members.

Here are some Rules/ Guides for the @fbm0000 giants modus operandi

  1. Only members following @fbm0000 will be eligible for curation.

  2. Original quality / well referenced contents and materials will benefit from curation.

  3. Posts carrying vital information beneficial to readers will be prioritised for curation

  4. The curation will be rotated among followers due to voting power (VP) limitations as it diminishes

  5. The curation of one newbie weekly with 50% curation rate which will be determined by quality of post and originality

  6. Posts promoting hate, religious quagmire, sexual, racial, disunity and ethnic or tribal conflicts will not be condoned in the community.

  7. Supporters of @fbm0000 will be making a weekly or monthly contribution to assist newbies.


To raise steemit youth giants who will become entrepreneurs in the society.


  1. To change the story and mindset of our teeming youths through steemit block chain.
  2. To bring together like minds who will help the less privilege in the society and change their story.

Follow us and get involved in our activities.
... we are the steempreneurs


Living in the Philippines I've always wondered where this country was heading towards. It seems life was set in stone and everyone was destined to either work overseas or become a parent at an early age. Very few options.

I'm glad you have taken the initiative of offering opportunity. Steemit is something we do everyday on other social media platforms, but we don't get paid for it. It doesn't take much thought to come up with something honest and endearing, and put it into words for everyone to read.

Good luck to you and your group. I will be following your future endeavors and achievements.

hello i new on steem, and i folow you

Good job... !

We are set to break through

Am Samson12.
Thank God something like this has been set up for newbies like me.
Am really grateful for this.

Great to the a member. This our bigger community in steemit start and became big and influential. @fbm0000 we will get there

This is awesome
I am willing to put in my best for this to work out.

God bless

Its a community were help is mainly what they do... An amazing community for minnows like me

I see a bright future in fbm community

Proudly a co-founder
Big ups to us!!
Fbm family

Proudly indeed....

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