FBE MALL Introductory Statement from the CEO. Why we accept Steem/SBD as Payment Method

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Welcome to the new comfortable, secure payments, On time Delivery, Selected quality products, Competitive Prices and 24/7 customer care shopping platform; fbemall.com 

Am Joshua Peprah the man behind fbemall.com. Am an entrepreneur and believe in life with value and effective time management system with less cost. Comfort is life and its value must not be costly. The world is in its advance state where all needs must appear to you at the click of your mouse. Life is enjoyable when time is well spent with less cost. 

Most people make money on Steemit platform and  wants to shop with it. But non of these shopping platform accept STEEM/SBD. You have to go through high costly unsecured platform to convert your Steem/SBD to PayPal, Web-money etc before you can make a purchased. This waste time, caused lost of funds and delay your shopping.

Here comes FBEMALL.COM to solve all these hustling for you at once. We are a team that believe in life value, advance life, comfort payment system, safe and secure payments and safety and on time delivery. we have 24/7 customer support channels; phones call/text, online chat, facebook messenger, steemit chat and emailing. Our customer satisfaction is our ultimate priorities.


We have negotiated with competent and high quality gold suppliers at AliExpress to provide our stock. Because of that, our prices are very competitively low. We have competent and great couriers to ship the goods to your door step. Below are the steps to Shop with Steem/SBD.

  1. Go to fbemall.com and fill your shopping cart with all your needs and wants.
  2. Check out your shopping cart by proceeding to Steem/Steem Dollar payment option.
  3. Proceed with the shipping details and close the form.
  4. Go to the footer, calculate the total amount of your order in Steem/SBD using the calculator provided.
  5. Go to your Steemit.com Account and Transfer the exact amount in Steem/SBD with your Order number as Memo to @fbemall
  6. You will be alert of order completion and preparation for shipping through email and sms. 
  7. Shipping details with its tracking link will be sent to you immediately we ship your goods.
  8. There are Refund Terms and Conditions, available at our page in case of Refund.


We offer free shipping to all countries around the world. We afford that because of our regular interaction of our shipping couriers and the spread of shipping cost on all products. This is our strategy to enhance your comfort. Shipping details are below. We choose shipping courier accordingly to receiving Country to enhance On Time Delivery.

Shop With Us

We have all kinds of goods of your needs. Fashions (Men, Women and Kids), Consumable Electronics, Wearables, Computer and Accessories, Phones and Accessories and many more. 

Make us your No.1 smart market and you will never regret. Thank you

Check for many more products here; fbemall.com 


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Alright, thanks bot.

Good job guys keep it up.....

Thanks dear, Shop with us.

Very nice project, i will try you.

Thanks, give us a try and you will love it.

Nice Post dear. Welcome to steemit and enjoy your time here.

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Thank you.

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I will equally try you. Very great initiative.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

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You are cool. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

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