#TheUnmentionables - Bio-Engineering Minnows Into Mutant Whalephin-Narwhalz - Learn, Earn, & WIN w/ Us!

We've reached almost 300 members in roughly 3 weeks - and I have to say, as someone who's constantly busy 24/7, I am damn proud to lead and help guide our fellow Minnows - as we convert them into Whalephins and Narwhalz!

I mean come on - if you were a boring old goldfish, wouldn't you want to be a badass mutated Whalephin that devours everything in its path?


No, no you wouldn't. And that's not what we do here. Well, most of the time - ish.

HOWEVER, we DO help Steemians of all backgrounds and at all levels, become better writers, humans, and members of something bigger than just themselves.

Our main focus in #TheUnmentionables can be narrowed down to these ideals:

  • Selfless
  • Caring
  • Respectful
  • Helpful in so many ways
  • Most would give you the shirts off of their backs
  • Most loyal group of members I've ever encountered

  • Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/7kYYrw9

    We treat each member like one of our own - whether you've been there 5 minutes, or since the beginning - if you're in the group, we treat you like family.

    We take care of our people. We support our members. When members are in distress, we try and help them however we can....

    We created a delegation bot @unmentionable that's already around 8600+ delegated SP and growing rapidly - and we pass out votes to the best content our members post each and every single day (average of $1+ per post).


    So, are you interested in joining one of the hottest up and coming groups in the SteemIt community? We take care of our own- we value relationships over purely trying to make the most out of each other.

    And yet, by valuing friendships, everyone seems to be growing incredibly fast (when they put in the work) and helping each other has only exponentially improved our growth and return rates :)

    Accounts are growing faster than ever before - and our group members can attest to that!

    Looking for a fun new group that actually cares about each other and puts each other before themselves? Then come check out The Unmentionables!

    Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/7kYYrw9

    Need Assistance?

    We have several moderators on at all times of the day (members from across the globe) and there are ALWAYS people online willing to help you out :) - Just contact anyone with the title "ZooKeeper", "Mentor", or "Panda Squad" for assistance.


Welcome to Steemit.com

Welcome to family :)

You've received a FULL upvote from #TheUnmentionables - a SteemIt community full of members who like to kick ass, take names, and occasionally do it wearing (or forgetting to wear) our unmentionables...

Click the Image to Join Our Discord Server:

Please upvote this comment so we can help our members grow faster!

Wow, i will like to join up

So my ovaries, or lack thereof, is public news now. I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Thanks to @HopeHuggs for sending me that welcoming invite.

I had to LMFAO we're a group with a load of humor <3

Hi Panda... thanks to let me join.... hope there will a lot more who can join us...

me...me..to :)

Glad to be part of this great community

Very intelligent post. Very Good initiative. Join me.

"We're on a mission, a mission from God." Complete with shades.

Put me in coach!

I have also join earlier but now i am joining to it .

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