Pop corn developed by Robot

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Last days, a team of Cornell University has developed a unique robot using a pop user that holds a fingerprint structure. The simple robot can be used to eradicate any item. The university's prostitute is doing Stan Hopter Hearts and Stephen Steven Sharon wanted to make a robot that could spread out, change their hardness, and perform the task of stopping it. The first pop in the minds of experts to develop such a robot The idea of ​​the corn came, because it could make up to 10 folds when making a pop user with a corn. S pop corners, which did not include any chemicals .To use this, many experts also consider the pop corners that contain various types of corn and them .Then most of the spinning corners make robots Used for. Initially the fingerprint simple robot was developed. Corn grains were placed on a wire made with a nicorum .As soon as these movements were driven, they became a pop maker. Apart from this, another 36 tons of corn corners were silicone, Which will make it tougher by a solid shape .A one robot was given a special shape from corn and four kilograms of weight gain was also experienced. According to this, the technology of simple robot making small jumping robots Can be made .Pop corners can be used once and again. Tim says that these robots make them a lot of numbers Can be done.

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