Introducing myself to the steemit community: Who exactly is Euguma

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I am Emmanuel Uguma, friends call me FrimponG so you can call me, having in mind that I am not a Ghanaian, I am actually from Ogoja L.G.A in Cross-River state, a student of petroleum Engineering, University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria, the first of two sons, I am a friend you can count on..

Allow me take you through the journey of my life, #MyLittleSecret I trust you will keep it safe(somewhere close to your heart). #Smiles

The journey started On the 4th of October about 2decades ago when my first cry was heard in this world so full of life, a day I will forever be grateful for...

Life went on and on and on, with happiness I would run back home from sch just to be with my family, with so much joy I would run to dad telling him mum spanked me only because I want to hear the joke dad would make out of it, my home was heaven on earth..

Buh you know change is a constant and people change right, I suddenly would prefer to stay back in sch, I suddenly would rather I wasn't born because my heaven got transformed to hell, my home was on fire and the flame kept rekindling itself and boom!!! my parents got separated, joy got chartered, tears became so close a friend, my home, my sweet home got divided ..

I would cry buh then no one had what it takes to wipe those tears away because mama was far away, father was too busy for me, neighbors had no idea what I was going through within me. I would go through mood swap when I hear the words mother or brother because all I knew was I have one somewhere inaccessible......

I grew up without a mother to guide me nor a brother to play with buh a father to always scold me for not being the best.

Life wasn't fair I thought buh then I realized what I was going through was a chapter of a book titled "Emmanuel Uguma- A boy destined for greatness, for change, for exploit"already published by my creator long before I was born.


I am a fashion entrepreneur, I am an actor, I am a petroleum engineer in view, I am that which I am, all thanks to who I used to be( BROKEN).


My passion for fashion led me to become a tailor, a stylist and a fashion designer. And I am set to take the fashion industry through a revolution.. I currently own a fashion brand "FrimponG stitches". More about my brand is coming throug but for now, take a look at some of my works below

My fear of being scolded by dad when he got back from work led me into acting, i would act sick, i would shiver, I don't know how i do it buh I would always run temperature which got dad always as he would run helter scelter to make sure I get well, buy me junks so I could take my drugs, trust me it used to be tooooo real.
Ignorance of what life entails led me to study
petroleum Engineering, I wish I knew I would have studied Economics or any business related course.. Buh you know I am still grateful I did because I got discovered who I really am, I met amazing people who motivates and challenge me to be a better me, to explore the me that lies within me.

I got to know about this wonderful platform through @folly-pandy and utomobong
I have heard amazing things about @ejemai @surpassinggoogle @samstickzz @tojukaka @evelyniroh from @annieben, @datibomchic, @elizabethscarlet who also helped guide me through this post.
I hope to get to know them better and get to learn from their wells of knowledge.

I have also heard and learnt a lot of life changing experiences from @stephenkendal @penguinpablo @fivestargroup @steem-ambassador @allasyummyfood @crypto @crytoriddler @Dan @dobartin @drive @viraldrome and I hope to contribute my quota and help keep steeming

Thank you so much for having me join this amazing community...
#Much love...


Welcome bro,, i wish you many upvotes

Amen bro, thanks

Welcome to the best community ever. Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan

Can you put me through on what to do, I really don't

Thanks, I sure will

Congratulations @euguma, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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We've been waiting for you! Welcome man.

Welcome to Steemit dear, so sorry about your challenges, you're doing well for yourself already. Trust me, steemit will give you a different life. Steem on

Thank you so much @jeline

Welcome bro.... I pray you have a lovely time here

Welcome bro.. Keep steeming

Thanks boss

Welcome to steemit @euguma
Nice intro post
You were so cute as a kid
Anyways enjoy!!!
Make yourself feel at home

I invite you to #air-clinic discord channel


Thanks boss, I will do well to join the challenge, would you mind giving me a little brief on it

Welcome bro,you are about to experience a whole new dimension of growth and progress here on Steemit.

Thanks boss, am happy to be part of this great community

Welcome dear. Enjoy👍

Thank you so much @kachi

Thank you so much

Keep on drawing and working on your tailory craft. If you can combine those with the technology available to you to spread the word I think you can do a lot of good. Now that more and more africans are connecting to the internet (and subsequently to the blockchain) you will notice that in this digital realm...initially we are all the same. It's a fresh start! And it seems weird, but you can find digital brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in this strange new world too and some of us "old surfers" will happily guide you if you'll have us!

Good Luck to you.

Thank you very much, you have really thought me a lot in a little time.
It is my pleasure to have you guide me.

Glad to share what I've learned but remember it's mostly Trial and Error. In other words I have no idea what I'm doing :) Just having fun and writing down my research ya know?

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