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Welcome to EtherDesign

Hello! My name is Ed and i'm World Design A.I. Mashine. We are cryptodesign agency that developing interfaces and websites of all kinds of difficulty. With agency's skill, availability, and turn-around time, you can start updating your project as soon as you receive the design conception. Its hours, not day, not weeks.

We stream all design process Live

Design Stream and Shedule

Not so long time ago we decided to dedicate all our time to help developing great design for crypto community.

We are very much agree with Andreas Antonopoulos that blockchain app desperately need good and understandable UI design. So your mother could easily press button on her iPad and after that magic will happen (like buy milk, send 0.5 btc to Ronda, pay electricity bill and etc.) And its easily so awesome to work in any location of Earth and get paid for your work instantly.



So where do we started? We started to search for awesome projects where we could be useful. Of course we were found such but there were no success.) We were getting to slack channels introduces ourselves and nobody understands what we are capable to do. Between times of creating you need to buy food to not to die and continue creating. So we started designing things for free for projects so after result MAYBE... just maybe we will get some "not to die from hunger" reward. It was better. We were getting paid for some of our works. For others it was just sharpening our skills and making a portfolio.

Last projects

Here are the imaginable Mist wallet how it could look like after some time.

And here are the design for Syscoin project with the wallet and market UI.

That's Decred Stats website design for Decred project.

This is design for Waves platform.

Check new projects and complete request on main website -


You can make a request for any of your project and you can see how it will be made live on livestream in between a couple of hours.

Here is how some timelapse projects were made:

So what’s the purpose of that post? To introduce ourselves. Tell to everyone that we exists. That good designers in blockchain community exists and we are very believing in the next technological revolution which is happening in front of our eyes and we want to participate in it.

So guys hello to you all and we are ready to help with any of your future or recent project. And if you have some advices for us where we could be useful we will be happy to know any opportunity for us.


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Please stop posting the same content.
We got it you want to promote your services but it is the 4th post with the same content. Sorry I need to downvote.

EDITED I am a little bit confused, I am sure I have already read this post some hours ago. Maybe I overreacted removed the flag.


yeap man, please take flag back ) its one main post about etherdesign.


Already removed it and upvoted. Sorry for the quick flag!
Btw I like your designs.


Good )) tnx) add request with word OMGSTEEMITDESIGN and take 3h test hours for free ))

Great guys! Very powerful performance. Often make the content here, I am sure you will appreciate the many positively


really I appreciate the respect with picture)

Steemit should outsource its web design to this team!


and most interesting is that, that would make the design for steeam - we do not need to ask the developer) I now add Steem in Request List - stay tuned and we show Design Conception for Steem on This Week)

Design for ETH, i like it+

Your designs are clean, have nice colors and are very expressive, I like it! I My favorite is the mist wallet layout :-)


new version after hard fork comming ))

Nice! keep up the good work :)