It's one thing finding your passion, it's another thing sustaining the drive in you. I've found writing to be my passion and this gets my attention at all times.
My name is Esther Eyakndue, an indigene of Nsit Ibom Local Government, Akwa Ibom State. I'm a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology and also an undergraduate student of the Faculty of Law, both at the University of Uyo,Akwa Ibom State.
Understanding people has been an inert ability in me and I totally love the fact that I always have my ways of talking people out of distressing situations, of course this would not be possible without God.IMG-20180601-WA0023.jpg

I understand that I have my problems but it's soothing to understand and be sensitive about the problems of others. I could be addressed as an arbitrator, that would not be a bad idea😊😄. I always have a conflicting interest between what my likes are and what I love, I might not be the only one who has this stress though, but I hope to pay attention to what I love and like, that should not be confusing😄😄😊I would basically say that I love writing and reading interesting books. I enjoy cooking and listening to people too. In terms of what I love, I believe I love sincerity and humility, I love so many things but it certainly has to border on sincerity. I love multitasking and being versatile. I could lay my hands on so many things just to learn the craft, but not necessarily to become a professional in it, except I have passion for the enterprise. That is to mean that I can makeup myself😄, tie gele, a motivational speaker, a compere and others I'm hoping to learn, like fashion designing. Actually, I do create styles for my clothes and few friends but I'm yet to learn how to sew.
I feel cool about all of these because somehow, I get to save my money when I intend to go for occasions because I know I could serve myself if I'm to makeup or tie the gele.
Redundancy has been a no-no for me.
I heard of steemit a long time ago and I was excited and still excited about this platform where I'll get to read from intelligent minds and learn a whole lot from people's lives and experiences.
I was only constrained on getting my introduction posted because of circumstances I believe I can now control. It's really exciting for me to write the introductory part of this platform and I feel like sharing everything about me but I do hope we'll get to know more about me in my subsequent posts as I'll share my experiences in life as well. I love motivational writings and sometimes, sarcastic.
I really want to appreciate my friend @mritsnobigdeal for his encouragements to finally write this down. I wouldn't know how to express my gratitude but I know he's one person everyone should desire in life. He puts away his busy life to better the lives of others. I doubt I had a peaceful mind knowing that I procrastinated this writing and having him as a friend the same time. Lol. I'm glad I finally got to write this.
I'll love to conclude my introduction my promising to contribute my quota in making this community grow and survive the turbulence that may arise. I'm already gladdened reading posts from various people and I hope this joy remains.

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Welcome to the community... great post... have fun… !!!

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Welocme to steemit, enjoy your stay.

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Hi Esther! Welcome to the world of steemit! have a great time here!

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Wow oo see my love ooo, nna
Happy birthday joo

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Welcome friend!

and good bless you!

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Beauty. Welcome on board, I hope that man itsnobigdeal will show u d way. It won't be an easy journey though but hang on, it's always worth it at last

Thanks for the soothing words.

Hello! Excellent article, you're done! Welcome to Steemit, I'm glad to new friends and have followed you, I hope you will follow me as well, wish you successful development of your blog! Upvoted your post! ;)

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Greetings, estherestelle! I wish you make many new friends here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) Life is good!

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Thank you. Pleased to have you too

Welcome to steemit, I hope you can write, blog, make vids or whatever you wanna do here telling about stuff you experience or want to share :)

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Amazing introduction @estherestelle. And welcome to Steemit.

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Miss Eyakndue, welcome aboard...CLASFON is following you #winks*
All the same I wish a good time here, Have fun!

Good to have you too.

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It is always great to welcome a beautiful face to steemit. From the photos, I would opine that modelling can also be a viable option for you.

Smiles...oh wow😊.
Modelling was considered few years ago, could still be considered. Glad to have you.

Esther, love your hair, love your fashion, love your photos, you are beautiful.

Thanks much😊😊

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