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Another Steemer joining forces! Together we stand strong! My name is Eric Woelk, I am 31 years of age, and my daily profession is allowing young minds between the ages of 12 and 18 to express their full creative potential both physically and spiritually.

One of my strongest passions is experiencing the forces of nature. I love everything that has to do with the elements of nature and my own physical connection to it, of which climbing is my main activity. I spend my time at climbing halls, scaling walls of approximately 20 metres, as well as bouldergyms, with a height of around 4 metres, and ultimately I do all this training for climbing outside, preferably in Berdorf, Luxembourg and Fontainebleau, France. I also have that boyish affliction (though to me it feels like a blessing) called ‘the need for speed’. So long as it goes fast or feels fast, I love it. The wind in my hair, the sun on my face, the world zipping past, be it snowboarding down a crisp mountain in Austria, driving my motorbike through the beautiful curved forest roads of Germany, or jumping from a plane at 11,000 ft. So long as I am one with nature.

Where crypto is concerned, I have gotten my hands into several. In 2013 I purchased bitcoins, last year I discovered ethereum, and currently I hold four different crypto, namely Dash (oh boy, Dash!), NEM, ripple, and the crypto I have immense expectations of - Steem. I have put everything in Steem Power now, as I believe in investing in the system.

What you can expect of me is two channels, for which I aim to write one article a week. It will not be precisely every seven days, because pinning myself down to that would not feel free, and freedom matters extremely much to me (©Craigrant: “Have fun, be free!"), but on average that is what you can expect. One channel will be about nutritional health, on which I will divulge to you my experiences over the past 20-ish years, to great success ever still, and another channel will be about trivia. The kids in my class love the odd bits of trivia now and then, sappy information with which they can do absolutely nothing practical, but hey, it’s fun to hear, to tell others, so they love it. Lastly, you can expect my posts to suit anyone’s attention span - I am looking to write articles which you can read in approximately 10 minutes, definitely under a quarter of an hour. You can find my posts under the tags and titles ‘Viper Nutrition’ and ‘Viper Trivia’, Viper being my symbolic nickname. Enjoy, have fun, talk soon! Viper out.


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Welcome to Steemit @ericwoelk

Nice of you to join us, it is a honour having you on this platform.

You can participate in the 50 Word Story Contest for new steemians for a chance to win Big.


Thank you for your words of welcome! Will look into the Story Contest! :D

Welcome to steemit, nice to meet you!:)


And you Inber! You seem to have been active here for quite some time! :)


Yep, four months passed a few days ago:) Steemit is an awesome place for blogging:)

Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you Daveks! :D

Welcome to the club Eric! Follow me at


Have done! Return the favour? :D

Welcome to Steemit, Eric! Sounds like you will be bringing lots of good content to the platform. Looking forward to it!


Thank you so much Tamara! Have got two articles ready in a few days, both on nutritional health and trivia. :D

Welcome to Steemit Eric! Great to have you around! I hope you will enjoy Steemit as much as I do! :-)


If things continue as they are, Steem is very promising! Having a great time here already! :D

Hello and welcome Eric my friend!
Time to steem it. ;) I am new too and I still have to introduce myself the coming week. Greetings.


Minion! Bow at the sight of your oberlord. Looking forward to your errands... I mean posts.

Welcome to Steemit! :)


Thank you so much! :D

looking forward to your future posts - especially about trivia, my mind is like a lent brush when it comes to odd bits of interesting (but mostly useless) information ;)


Yes, I understand fully what you mean! :D My first Trivia article is online, have a look!