Maliha Mushabbar: CEO and Founder at “Core Net”

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swedencornet (TELOS/EOS Sweden)” is a brand of registered entity “Core Net”. BP sweden is also a registered Block Producer for Snax Blockchain Network. ICON Sweden is also a P-Rep candidate for ICON Blockchain Network.

Core Net is a startup and has headquarter registered in Stockholm. It is 100% self funded and owned by CEO Maliha Mushabbar.


Maliha Mushabbar


  1. M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Information & Communication Systems Security” (KTH –
  2. M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “InternetWorking” (KTH –
  3. M.Sc./Teknologie Magister in “Infrastructure (Real Estate) Management” (KTH –

Maliha is a serial entrepreneur. She has a desire to learn new things and come up with new innovative ideas. She has started multiple new businesses.

Prior to startups, she has a decade of industrial experience in ICT. She has had several key leadership roles in Ericsson AB. She has strong background in:

  • Information Security,
  • Privacy,
  • GRC,
  • Systems Architect,
  • Design (R&D),
  • Finance, and
  • Customer Services Management.

For more info, refer to

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I am loving it... Core Net is growing... Have fun with Global Economy. I need to do a lot.... Need to learn about steempeak...

Bye Bye..

@janne It is great to remind us about

  • DTube and
  • DSound

for starters. We did not know about DSound. We will plan to use DTube though...

Steempeak is also new to us, but we have seem some people using it....

Yes we are definitely interested in creating own tokens and using smart contracts. We wil look into Steem engine!


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Welcome to Steemit eos.sweden. The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. You should also check out DTube and DSound for starters and if you're a gamer, Steem Monsters! There are many other cool apps but I can't list them all here, there's just too many! But I'd also like to mention Steempeak, it's a better blogging platform that has a lot of cool features. Welcome to the blockchain! :) Oh, and if you're interested in creating your own tokens or smart contracts, check Steem engine!

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