My introductory post

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Hello steemians. This is my introductory post.

My name is enoubong. Am a Nigerian. Am a student of university of uyo akwaibom state. A science student. Am a queen for my department. I never thought it could be possible but I won it.
I love hangouts. I have alot of friends cause I love making friends. I grew up in Eket in always ibom state nigeria. I love writing. I actually heard of steemit since but until I saw the works of @ejemai at the uyo hub , @onequality @samstickks @euronation @destinysaid i was so moved to join steemit. I was around for the hub launching just got approved. IMG-20180119-WA0009.jpg
I love writing basically. I have a lot of stories on watt pad. I would love to be a part of your community and steemit fully.
Thanks guys for reading and please upvote. I really love steemit and the people in it.


Hello welcome to steem enoubong

Welcome ! I love writing as well :)

Welcome to steemit hun. So good to have a queen here

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