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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Eniko, and this is my first post here on Steemit.
I was born in Transylvania, Romania and moved to Toronto when I was 17.
I have recently relocated to Calgary, AB after living in Toronto for 25 years. Ever since I can remember, I have been missing someone and someplace. When we moved as a teenager, I missed my grandparents and cousins and now I miss my nephew, niece and Toronto a lot.

I’m really passionate about money management and holistic wellness, but first and foremost I’m a mother who is super passionate about creating a healthy life for my beautiful daughter. She is such a strong personality and bright, goofy spirit from day one.


Becoming a Mom has been absolutely the most humbling, moving, frightening, exhausting and joyful experience of my life.

I love the idea about living as a minimalist and I started decluttering when we moved to Calgary, AB.
My goal for 2018 is to declutter more and put myself on a one year shopping ban.
After years of impulsive spending on Amazon and elsewhere, I realized that my one-click purchase habits were not more than an emotional shopaholic spender. So I decided to put myself on a one year shopping ban. At the same time I started my shopping ban, I decided to embrace minimalism, and started 2018 by doing a massive declutter in my home. One thing I have learned though is that letting go of stuff really makes me feel good. Every time I take something to a charity I feel lighter.

“The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away.” Wayne Dyer

Thank you so much for reading!


Yes, I did. I love Gail Vaz-Oxlade. I watched her show Til Debt Do Us Part all the time.

Welcome to Steemit! Awesome pictures! I hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to check out DTube, Dsound, and DLive as well. These are the video and audio platforms that are based on the Steem Blockchain and are great additions to your Steemit world. As well, I hope you will look over some of my content and consider following along! Kindest regards.

Thank you for your support. I will check them for sure. Followed back.

Welcome to steemit! Great post, keep going!

Thank you.

Welcome to Steemit! Explore + enjoy :)

Welcome to steemit Eniko! Looking forward to see some content about money management and health. Followed & liked :)

Thank you for your support. Followed back.

Thank you :)

Hey! Welcome to the community and great intro post! Steemit is ALL about community. I gave this post a "upvote" so you can make some extra money. Follow me back and we'll help each other be successful here by liking each other's posts.


Thank you for your support. Followed back.

HELLO, Welcome to steemit, enjoy this platform! i like your post and i will keep in touch with you. Follow me if you want!

Thank you for your support. Followed back.

Impulse spending on amazon? I recommend watching this:

and the read this if you found the video helpful. The ideas/concepts introduced in this video and article are very helpful and rung a bell when I read your post.

And welcome to Steemit!

What an amazing video. Thank you for the reminders of what is truly important! I have a heart’s desire for living with less, but have not achieved a true minimalist lifestyle yet. I recognize the importance of less, esp as it relates to the home. I made a goal to meditate every day in 2018, living intentionally and practice gratitude. Personally, I find this comforting and empowering.

Love your post. I have had wishes to live as a minimalist. I have mastered not spending on unnecessary things but I want to declutter my house. I'm hanging on to stuff for my teenage and young adult kids but I need to get better at purging and donating things.

Thank you. We can help each other live more intentionally. It's such a good feeling to declutter your life. Not just your home but your mind and health too.

Welcome!! I look forward to your post :)

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