An Engineer, A Lady, The minnow: This is who I am

Hello Steemians,
In a special way i want to thank my friends, @psalmseen through @stach for introducing me to this wonderful life changing community, At first i thought it was a scam and with too much disturbance i was encouraged. Then i finally joined.

19/01/2018. Am so grateful i made the wise decision.

Please save the date
I equally appreciate the CEO of steemit

💰 20180124_220142.jpg

Name: Anwu Eugenia.
State of Origin: Ebonyi state, Nigeria.
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Alma matta: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State
Age: 26 (lol, i know right) Cute young Face
Siblings Position: 7 of 8 (My mum is sure a strong woman. We passed half a dozen)

They say:

What a man can do a woman can do it better.

Do you think i do the construction better?



I serve my nation Nigeria, for a one year service .
Experiences, at orientation camp cannot be over empharized. Its stressful tho.

But i can do it, i got inner strength


"Hearty cheers salute"

Call: Corpers wee
Response: Waa



  1. I am in love with my profession.
  2. I am a very hardworking lady that doesn't like depending on anyone to survive in life.I believe been dependent is never an option.
  3. I like doing things the way i feel it is suitable.

In summary I am a noble and humble woman
I like making friends all over the world especially on social media, I have up to 5,000 friends on facebook.

But, STEEMIT i want to make friends to the sum of infinity.. You may have to find the integral of that number.

I love playing volley ball and football.


I hate associating with arrogant people and pretenders their can be dangerus sets of people



Just as i like being independent. Although, i love to create impact. Therefore, on this massive community called Steem.

I will ensure to work towards seeing that "Value" is all i bring. I also believe in turn i will be loved by steemians, meet great minds and contacts.

This is your Cute Engineer @minnowbooster @ned @whales show your girl some love...

I just introduced myself.
You will be reading alot from me again soon.

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Welcome to steemit! All the very best and may you find what you are looking for.. Or more! :)

Thanks for upvoting, and well written intro! I enjoyed reading it, and upvoted you!


Thanks alot i really appreciate it

Welcome engrsunshine


@psyrok thanks alot i do appreciate. Please i need ur upvote too


Sure have my upvote!


Thanks alot

Welcome to the steem community Anwu. Yes you are indeed correct that this community is really something. Hope to see more of you posts.


Thanks. You will surely see numerious of my post. Please i need ur upvote too

Welcome to Steemit! Awesome pictures! I hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to check out DTube and Dsound as well. These are the video and audio platforms that are based on the Steem Blockchain and are great additions to your Steemit world. As well, I hope you will look over some of my content and consider following along! Kindest regards.


Steemit is one of the community one wouldn't wish to be left out. Sure i will check all that out and even follow you here. Please i need ur upvote too

Welcome to Steemit engrsunshine and I'm sure you'll have a great time here!! :)


Thanks alot

Welcome welcome welcome.


Thanks dear