so, i have come back after a while ..

So, i know it has been a while, i have been looking for MORE information on other links to help others make money online, and with my follower count growing close to 1,000 - i feel like quite a number of people can use some of the links that i have found to help make money, and since this platform is dealing with crypto, that is what i have set out to find ; and i have found quite a number of links that will help others make money .

It has been quite some time since i have last posted, which is why i am posting in the introduction again, because it lets me introduce a new project of sorts .

Im looking for some people to help with the project - and i am willing to make sure we all get the same opportunities .
I will soon be posting more links to help others with crypto advice and even some programs ; all of which are affiliate links, and since im looking for more people to join this project please send my page a like, but because facebook wont allow me to post links without paying them first, ill just post quite a number of them here !

If anyone that reads this post, is having some trouble making any kind of money online, then look no further, i will be sending links in abundance to help people find the information they are looking for .
Be sure to respond to this post, and let me know what you would like, and dont forget to upvote and resteem !

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