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Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah and I’m sexually awkward

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I can actually agree with this ; in fact, i usually state that - Normality is subjective - what maybe ' normal ' to someone, could be totally strange to the next person . BUT - I digress ; i shall welcome you to this platform, and i hope that you will enjoy, not just it, but the community as well .

I hope that you will follow me, perhaps you can find a way to use your knowledge to write something to get published, i have a few blog posts of which, other websites / articles are looking for writers to publish ; so maybe you shall get lucky .
Other than that, i would also like to extend an offer - to join a team and collaborate together to help bring others into this platform / community, and if so, you can let me know with a reply - or find my facebook page located at the top of my blog page .


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Absolutely agree about normality! In some cultures its taboo to kiss! In the US we don't even give it a second thought. Does make me wonder if people get a kissing fetish in those cultures :) Thanks for your comments!