will you accept me warmly in steemit?????????


Hello my friends on steemit,how are you? I am Emily Ben. I was born in Bangladesh but I am living in Istanbul since my childhood. My father is a corporate officer in a multinational company and my mother is a good housewife. I am 17 years old. I read in class 12. I am very serious in my study. I want to be an engineer, a computer engineer. But I know little about computer and internet. At last birthday,my father gift me a personal computer. Then I started to spend a particular time on computer and internet. Days ago I knew about steemit. Then I read more article on it and I be interested. I wanted to be a member of steemit. I tried many times but my requested was not approving. At last this request has been approved. I am so glad to entry in steemit. Yet I don't know many things about steemit. But I think you all will help me to be expert on steemit. I have known that I can share my opinion,knowledge,information,creativity on steemit. I am very fond of writing. I have written many story,article,poem etc. But I don't share that any more once. Because I didn't know a proper place to share that. But I think steemit is a proper place to share that. If you all help me,I can share all of my creativity on steemit. And I think my creativity will amaze you all.

Thank you all of my friends on steemit. Love u all. Stay blessed. Be happy on steemit...........



@r2cornell we are really glade to see you back soo much soon how you get back very quickly i thought we will miss you for more than a week nwelcome back sir!

welcome 2 steemit sis

Hi @emilyben

Welcome to steemit community.i trust you will invested a quality energy here and appreciate here.flowers are lovely

hello friend and welcome to our family and yes you will get more warm welcome here between steemians hope that you will enjoy here a lot and will learn many new things here and yeah we will also learn some interesting things from your experiences :) .. <3

welcome to our community... ☺
& sir @r2cornell when you are back... i thought you will be back after 4/5 days... i was witing for you badly... welcome back sir.. 😊 & a happy valentine's day.. 💜

Hi, @emilyben welcome to this awesome community how are you?
I hope you are in a great mood today and wish you all the best. =)

you all are warm welcome to istanbul turky.

warm welcome in steemit. be happy with steemit.

upvoted and resteemed

i am glad to stay with you @boishakhitripty. love you so much

warm welcome to steemit @emilyben. i think you will spend a good time on steemit. good luck

Welcome to steemit. I believe steemit is an excellent place to share your work. There are a lot of great people here that can help you along the way...

I will resteem This for you ... Hopefully you will pickup a few followers...

Enjoy yourself and be patient...i am still learning after being here foR about one year

thank you a lot @r2cornell. i am new on steemit,so i don,t know many things about steemit. but i think i will learn more from you.i have visited your blog. you are a nature lover.you are warm welcome to bosforous. if you come istanbul once, then you knock me. i am very easy to foreigner.i will be glad if you posted nature photos more.love to see your photos. love you a lot.............

Thank you, and thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

your mission is so great @r2cornell
i follow your resteemed new member
thank you

Heading home today. We are having a snowstorm so it will be slow driving.

Thank you for following new steem member. We all stand to gain as we heLp each other

snowstorm ?Oh god!!!
please don't drive at this time ,danger come never to says?

@r2cornell sir you are my first resteemer person i don't forgot you..sir please up your SP & vote 100%..i always help other like to you please pray for me?

I learned to drive on snow and icy roads. Took our time, but made it with no problem. I am tired from being away. Need a rest now that I am back :o)


ohh so you are on your way to home?

Yes I made it

hello sir!
how are you ?
was not hoping you here , i was thinking that you will be back after a week.. ?

Heading home today. We are having a snowstorm so it will be slow driving.

Thank you for following new steem member. We all stand to gain as we heLp each other

dear @emilyben welcome to steemit
you get full support to start working on steemit by @r2cornell, I am also very glad you are here with us.
I love your flower, I am very happy if someone give to me on special day, how do you think @r2cornell?

Thanks your reply .and i am new resteemad member on this platfrom.so please suggest me sir

@r2cornell my honourable sir today i post my introducyour self..please support me..
thanks sir

very nice post@amirul11

Thank you, will go to your blog, but probably in morning when more awake

welcome to steemit my dear friends.introduceyourself is a great plartform for introducing in steemit. I think you enjoy to steemit @emilyben:-

thank you a lot dear @r2cornell. if you continuiously support me, it will be glad to me

Many many thanks. And sir please visit my blog.and resteemad my post......@r2cornell thanks for given reply

hi, r2cornell,
where are you?

please see my post

@r2cornell a beautifull flower is on my blog have a nice day <3

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