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hello guys My NAME is imade erhunmwuse, sorry if you find it dfficult pronouncing my last name, you can just call me EMADE. i got to know about this platform by a friend @thankgodikkc. i once registered this platform two months ago but ue to no one to coach me i lost nbterest but this week i got a testimony from a close friend how he cashed aBout and how he has been enjoying the platform so i decided to give it a short again. i hope this time things turn out for good.

  • I am a Final year student Studying computer science in Ambrose ali university..

  • I am also a blogger , web designer and Android mobile developer..

  • I love areas and things relating to technology And business.

My hobbies Are

  • playing football

  • playing music

  • blogging

  • designing

  • and of course eating but i really hate to cook, not that i don't want to cook, but the last i cooked i couldn't eat what i cooked even my dog rejected, it was really horrible. now i see why i hate it with passion.
    i am not too much of a talker i do more practicals.

i hope we would see around soon.\

HEII Before you go, don't forget to vote as support see you around.


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Welcome Emade!
Looking forward to your posts :)

welcome@emade1 !!!
waiting for see your projects !!

Welcome to the steemit community from me @adimulyadi from indonesia, i hope what you share and post is available in this steemit paltfrom. do not be saturated to work through every input available and get paid according to your work. welcome my return best for you friend

you are welcome to steemit. I believe that you would enjoy it here. Just keep up with what you are doing and you would soar high. Follow me @jabezgabe and I will follow back

welcome to steemit @emade1.. grate to ave you here..