Let me introduce Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Designer - Jake Hollands -

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Indie Games Creator

Addictive game to save the Earth with the unusual evolutionary branch ;)

Clicky! Clicky!! Clicky!!!

Game Here! - http://jhollands.co.uk/spaceplan/

Lead Artist in Furious shooter game - NOT A HERO -
Well the trailer itself its art.© Best. Trailer. EVER! © Youtube


Logo Creator for MusicBand "Death In Texas"

Check this Brilliant! only 2800 views - its Joke?!?!
Warning! - 2:06 absolutly stunning part! gOoSeBuMpS after this lyrics

Awesome Deep Feelings


Just watch....not....just IMMERSING in this dEEp ocean of emotion
carefully LOUD

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one of the visual work - November 23th 2013 - nothing reminds? ;)

more stuff and projects on personal site : http://jhollands.co.uk/

this is only the visible part of the iceberg on name - Jake Hollands! I want to say Thank You - exploring yor legacy - I understood that I must work harder and deeper to realize the universe hidden in Me... in Each of Us


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love the visuals in this post. kudos. keep up the good work Jack.

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