Mechatronic Engineer and Youtuber Introduce itself :D, hope we can build a community together

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Well this is me, I am a Mechatronic Engineer Trying to do a living from youtube, I am From mexico and I join this community because I want to share with you my experiences and my thoughs, I hope we can build a community together,
and have the dream job everyone would love from home. I want to share some post I have work on, the past few days and If I get some money i will invest it on equipment for youtube so you can enjoy more quality videos.

Thanks alot for your support I will be happy to share my ideas and support you guys also

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Hello thanks


Welcome, as a fellow mechatronics student from Romania I wish you good luck and a pleasant experience!


Thanks alot @draganrazvan good luck to you 2

Welcome eljuans, I hope you enjoy things and have fun posting.


thats alot @lopezdacruz, goodluck with this social network

@howo can you give me a few tips to position my posts?

@berniesanders bro can you give me a few tips to position my posts or get some followers?

Your welcome to the community


Hello thanks a lot @victorgodwin