Always yearning for minimalist travel

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Hey Steemit!

My name's Eleanor, and I'm an Australian who's been on the road as much as possible for the past three years (almost!). I finished studying 3 years ago and wasn't ready to commit to anything in particular, except to the idea of following a burning desire I had to go to the middle of freakin nowhere and take photos of it! So I went to Canada, and became obsessed with hiking to distant peaks and exploring remote beaches.

I'm a photographer, marketer and travel lover who can't stop thinking about where to go next, and how to improve the shots I'll take in that place. A place I really hold dear to my heart is British Columbia on Canada's west coast, which ignited an incredible amount of passions and lifestyle choices within me. I became the person I am today because of that little slice of paradise.

I tried travel blogging over the past few years on my website, but found it hard to share to a wider audience, and I feel like I have some good stories to tell! Stayed tuned for some awkward and humbling ramblings from past and present ventures.

I'll mostly be posting about my time living in a van and driving across Canada multiple times, then travelling through the USA following an action sports team (funny story), and then chilling in a sweet house in Mexico the last few months. Now I'm floating around before I start my next adventure: moving back to Australia and starting a somewhat whole new life there.

I'm looking forward to sharing all my photos and stories with you, and hope to hear some from you in return.

Eleanor :)


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Thanks so much! Excited to explore this community

Welcome to steemit. This is a great place to network with other people . Participation is key, so be as active as you can. I have upvoted and followed you. So, please follow and upvote me @pharmacy-jinni

welcome to steemit dear....:)
snaps are awesome......:)

Amazing Photos Eleanor! Where in Aus are you moving back to?

Moving back to my hometown, Brisbane :)

Awesome! I lived on the sunshine coast for a year 👊

Welcome to Steemit Eleanor! :)

Hi Emily, thanks very much! Excited to see your photography

Seems like we have a lot in common. Both marketers, both photographers :-) hehe. Looks like I found someone new to follow. Looking forward to your posts! Feel free to follow back :-)

Haha awesome! Will do!

Welcome to steemit! Beautiful photos! I'm new to steemit as well. I can't wait to read more of your posts. Following!

Thank you, and you too! Are you much of a traveller?

I would love to but my husband and I are working to become debt free first. Then we plan to travel more.

ELEANOR!!! (that was a yell) :) Welcome to steemit! I think you're gonna like it here. Great first post.

Hahah thanks dude :D Thank you very much !

Awesome post! I am new to steemit myself!

Nice pictures (the places are gorgeous)! Welcome to Steemit Eleanor!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)

Welcome fellow aussie, great pics!
Us aussies certainly do get around. Apparently we are the most travelled peoples inn the world.

Thanks so much! haha yeah I've heard we get around, need to get a better rep going I think though :/

You and me both

Hey @eleanorisdale you ginger head. You remind me of my sister :)

Welcome to Steemit! Amazing photos :O Traveling, surfing... nice! I have Australia on my bucket list, to be more precise - Sydney :)

Since I'm also freshman here on Steemit I can only say keep on doing like that and see you around for sure :)

Kind regards!

Thank you!! Yes you really need to get down there. It's such a huge and vast country with widely different landscapes all over.

One day for sure :)

I am also new to Steemit and I just love how everyone shares about everything....well, we support each other and upvotes too. @eleanorisdale.. please follow me too, thank you.

Hey Eleanor! Nice to meet you here! Good luck to us! I'm more or less "new" here, too. And this is my #introduceyourself:

Greetings from Paraguay!

Awesome! Thanks guys, will check you out!

Welcome Eleanor!
Your adventures seem great! I gave you a follow!

Thank you, and you too!

Welcome to this great platform that will make you forget all other platform @eleanorisdale

Haha that will definitely be interesting, but I feel it coming on soon

Thank you fancy looking compass person :D

Wow welcom dear. Can't wait to read your travel blogs.

Thanks so much :)

Welcome! I cant wait to aee what you vring to the community!

Awesome, welcome Eleanor! Can't wait to hear about your explorations! :)

Thanks so much!

I love it!! My husband is an Aussie, and we love to travel! Followed you and upvoted!!

Haha awesome, thanks so much! Have you been there yourself??

Yes, I've been to Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne. I LOVE Australia. Ironically, my husbands sister LOVES Canada, so, she lives there. We spend a lot of time in Canada. We aren't super huge fans of the cold. But, we love to travel!

That's awesome, yes I think my life will be pretty evenly spread between Australia and Canada for the foreseeable future! I think I prefer the cold than to the hot :o

That's super cute! My husband and his sister prefer the cold too!! You Aussies!! Gotta love ya!

Amazing pictures. I was a minimalist traveler a little bit myself in the past. I couldn't travel like this for too long though and after a while I got back to work and save money to focus on travels in later years. Traveling on low budget is cool when you are young and you can easily make new friends, you can sleep at hostels and generally have a lot of fun, but once you get older there is this desire to make something of yourself as well and you have to focus on other aspects as well, not only traveling anymore, but I'm coming back to this lifestyle as soon as in few months as I got a stable job and some money saved ^^ Thanks for giving me some fair dose of motivation :)

Welcome to steemit
Your pictures are sooo beautiful!

Thank you kindly! I can't wait to share more :)

That bottom PIC!

I think your photography is beautiful. And I hope to see more from your adventures!

Thanks so much! I'm super excited to share them with more people! Follow me for more! :)

Wow! Amazing photos.. and it seems we have the same passion. I am looking forward for more posts. And I hope you check my page as well. :)

welcome to steemit

My absolute favourite place on the planet, BC!! I live in Europe now, but miss the serene power and silent beauty of the Rocky mountains every day!.
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your travels! Followed!

Welcome aboard Eleanor! What an interesting lifestyle! Will be happy to read about your adventures! Wish you many more years of wanderlustin! Following you!

Thank you! I try to make the absolute most of what I have in this short life, so there's no point sitting around at home waiting for something exciting to happen for me.

Such a free spirit, can't wait to see more of of where your will takes you!

You're welcome to this awesome family @eleanorisdale, i'm sure you're gonna make more friends and enjoy your stay here. Steem on

Welcome to Steem @eleanorisdale. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Thanks :D I see you're a tech geek and wine lover. Not bad passions IMO ;D haha

Welcome to Steemit. Looks like you are enjoying life and this beautiful earth. Sounds like you have a lot to offer the Steemit community. Have fun!

Welcome to Steemit Eleanor !!!

Hey you! I'm fairly new too, will be following you. Check me out when you get a chance.Peace=)

Thank you, will do!

Welcome to steem it! This platform is filled with great people from all around the world make friends share content and enjoy happy holidays from @MightyMillions

Welcome to steemit.

Welcome to Steem @eleanorisdale. Feel free to follow me @laicalike and upvote. Cheers

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Welcome Eleanor! I'm new here, too :) I've been a digial nomad for nearly 3 years now, but I haven't been to British Columbia yet (or in Canada at all for that matter!) WOW... Gorgeous photos. I'm definitely looking forward to more. Keep them coming :)

Welcome Eleanor! I like that these days more and more people do not focus on the traditional career path anymore but rather appreciate what the world offers! Looking forward to read more from your journey :)

Love it. If you're not lost, you wont find anywhere!

seems you are living 'that life' -- i'm hoping to be doing the same this year. at least getting the van part so i can be more movile than the static location i'm in right now.

Welcome to steemit!