## My introduction post on steemit platform


Hello,My name is Esokpor Efe,i am 19years old,i am from Delta state Nigeria, I am urhobo by tribe.i am a science student studying mechanical engineering at Delta state University abraka.I will be writing more on promoting post,sports,adventures and comedy.

I was first introduced to steemit by a stemian @okoro,@flexxy before I was invited to the delta mall meetup(shoprite)on the 20th of December 2017,were I meet with some stemians such as @tojukaka,@ejemai,@ehiboss,@gbenga,who enlightened me on the prospect of steemit,'how you can be successful on steemit',and 'what the platform is all about'.


When I first arrived at the Delta mall meetup (shoprite),the hall was friendly, calm, everybody was well behaved and thanks to @ejemai for providing free WiFi to enable new stemians sign up successfully and also we were well refreshed with snacks and we also had a wonderful meet up at the delta mall (shoprite)with santa-clus.

The first speaker of the meet up was @tojukaka who talked on the topic'what steemit is all about',we were well informed with his lecture about 'what steemit is all about and questions were asked and satisfactory answers were given by him @tojukaka.

The second speaker of the delta mall meet up (shoprite)@ejemai who talked on the topic of 'how can you be successful on steemit,he went on saying

(1)=making friends
(2)=writting a quality post
(3)=using the right tag
(4)=refrencing the articles and photos.The topic was well addressed and we understood every bit of it, questions were also asked and answers were given as well

The third speaker of the Delta mall meetup(shoprite)@gbenga, who talked on the differences of the following

(2)=steem dollar
(3)=steem power
(4)=how there can be powered down

he gave a wonderful speech as well and we were all satisfied with the lecture he gave, questions and answers were given as well,

The last speaker of the day at the Delta mall meet up (shoprite)@ehiboss, who talked on the topic 'who are you'he went as far saying we should be known for a particular tag, he said you can not be unstable up and down,he said also if you are known for adventures, love,comedy then stick to it you shouldn't write on love,and comdey at the same time, his lecture was fun and entertaining


My conclusion before now,i taught steemit was a ponzi platform, not on till I went to the delta mall.meetup (shoprite)and then everything was so clear to me that steemit is not a ponzi platform but just like our social media (facebook) but in steemit you are been rewarded for your quality post.
I hereby want to acknowledge the CEO of this wonderful platform and also the organisers of the Delta mall meetup (shoprite)@tojukaka,@ejemai,@ehiboss,@gbenga for the wonderful seminar they have conducted and I also want to wish my self a happy birthday as I am plus one today and also I will be forever grateful to CEO of the power helping community for eradicating unemployment and joblessness in the hands of the youth.

yours faithfully

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Nice to meet you @efemena56🙃
Welcome to Steemit!
Try to get a profile picture!
Take one from Instagram using my post:

Welcome to steemit world @efemana56 ,a world full of fun,and a place to learn and teach people about life,career,share photography,tell people about tell people about your passion and lots more...once again you are welcome to this fabulous family...hope to get lots of goodies from you....

You're welcome to steemit

Welcome in steemit, have fun bro :)

Welcome to Steemit, wishing you the best here

Welcome to Steemit community my dear

Hi efemena56...Welcome to the wonderful world Steemit. follow me and I follow you.
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Welcome to the new age of viewing our thoughts.

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From your post l must say, that meet up really make sense. Well organised, with lectures. Welcome to steemit.

Keep rocking steemit

Welcome @efemena56. Have fun, explore, learn, contribute and earn. Cheers