I am @Edipascal, I love Freedom of Speech, I hope Steem will be that Platform – Here’s my 13 Minutes Read Introduction

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I am @Edipascal, I love Freedom of Speech, I hope Steem will be that Platform – Here’s my Introduction


I am @Edipascal and am joining Steem courtesy of @Uyobong, who has been a motivation and dogged entrepreneur who believes in growing capacity in others. He knows how outspoken I can be and told me Steem blockchain will be the best place. My account was created sometime last week and I am here finally and hope you will create some time to read this 13 minute long Introduction. I'm sure,it would be the longest you've ever read here.


I can be addressed with the following names, Pascal, Edikan, and Boss. On the 3rd day of March 1987 I escaped from her womb and I was named "Edikan" which means "Victory ", the naming ceremony was done on my day of dedication in a church.


I am from a tribe called the Ibibo (the black Jews) our traditional origin is traced to a group of black Jews who migrated from Israel and finally settled in southern Nigeria, wow! some people from my tribe haven't know this.

Our custom and traditions are similar to the Jewish Torah, we circumcise on the eight day, in some remote part of southern Nigeria where we settled some people still carry out animal sacrifice, raise alters to deity in strategic places like Jacob did in the Bible, we pray to the almighty God and we call Him "Akwa Abasi Ibom", that's the name of my state in a wonder country called Nigeria.

Yes Nigeria is my country, a wonderful country, no country of the world can be like Nigeria and none can ever be, unique in its own peculiarity, fantastically corrupt according to US President Trump, full of amusing economic and political stories.

Just a few hint to clear your doubt:

  • our current president contested his first term election and won without presenting his basic primary school certified,
  • most of our country's ambassadors can't sing or reside our national anthem and pledge,
  • dead men are listed for appointments, appointees act in various capacities without confirmation from the Senate,
  • the mess, a symbol of authority in the National Assembly was recently stolen because an impeachment motion was to be raised for our president,
  • the most recently, a bill for young people to be elected into political offices was signed and suspended at the same time so the sitting present can run for his second term.
  • All the above and many more can only happen in Nigeria, hold it right there, we are the giant of Africa and am a proud to be a Nigerian, it's not a easy to be a Nigerian if you understand what I mean.

My Background

I did my primary school education at Christian Fellowship Nursery school, we were the pioneer students of the school and proceeded to Christian Secondary commercial School.

I am a third child of the family of four children, I am a middle man, 2nd among the male children and I possess all tendencies you can think about a middle child. Check this out, my first elder siblings are male and female, first borns are leaders, pace setter, next to the parents instilling and carrying out orders, most first born are perfectionist and second parents, they are first comers and need no one’s permission in making decisions.

Talk about a typical last born, you talk of attention seekers, they are well pampered and they often get all the attention as babies of the family, the middle borns get nothing so they follow orders, seek to please others, make good philosophers and negotiators as they often go out of their ways to make others happy.

Think of a middle man, think of me. However, being a middle man didn't deprive me of my mother's love, rather she taught me to look out for my kid brother, you guys aught to be friends, she often tells me, and as a kid I would reason, this boy is getting all the attention I used to get. The fellow is now my trusted man, he watches my back and I do same.

My Personality

Personality threats and tendencies, characteristics and individual life philosophy and rule books are shaped by many factors most specially birth order, I like you to pick up a copy of...... book on "the real you". I totally agree with less.... that rule books can be out lived when one accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

I took that decision many years ago and my life has been renewed. I live for him, in him and with him. I constantly renew my mind because daily we face many things that challenge our faith, it's the best decision I have ever taken in life.

I love God's word, I enjoy reading the Bible and excited at fulfilment of God's word in my daily life, manifestation of written prophesies in the Bible thrills me all day long, the naming of Jerusalem as Israel's capital glades my heart, don't forget I am a black Jew by origin. I teach Sunday school in my local church, oh it's always a wonderful experience, they word refreshes my mind, mysteries have never known or read about unfolds and comes expressively and am always sure it's not the I, but Him in me.

I am a member of the scripture union, an international interdenominational organization devoted to making God's good news known to all people of world, especially to young people, families and to promote daily reading of the Bible.

I serve God in the praise team of my church, yes am a chorister. Trained as a back up singer, for flimsy reasons I am yet to fully utilize my gift as a lead singer in the singing ministry. I have a fair knowledge of almost all the instruments, but I chose to major in bass guitar, I couldn't play the keyboard better than my other brothers, they are good in it, so I took to bass guitar, what else do you expect from a middle man.

Have occasionally followed the middle mans rule book, look very well before you leap, even at your detriment let others be happy, follow the band wagon and don't flaunt orders, critically consider your decision before actions, just be fine no need to impress and make impact.

I kept few friends, personal decisions hard to take, my social life was almost zero no hanging out with friends or associates, a typical middle born can relate more. Well, I cross path with a young lady about a year ago, she is fair and pretty, on a general note, I like fair people maybe cos am dark, we talked a lot more about relationship because she had more experience than I do, having read through less.... book and stated getting a long with her, she told me she sees more in me than I have given out which have basically come to realize.

In one word how would you describe my banner picture?, well that's my first photo studio experience, it' was pretty cool, am not planning to be a model cos my cute elder brother is there already, He has an eye for fashion and style and has appeared in front pages of magazines and fashion shows as a model. Does the fashion world got any space for people like me?.

I think am really a mess in the fashion world cos I pay less attention to my shirt size, trouser length, color combination and designs. Among my siblings I earned a name "plain colours" cos I couldn't see pass plain shirts and colour strips.. Hey, don't get it twisted, things are getting better.

Talk about fashion, that same pretty lady that changed my factory settings, I have never found her wondering at any time or moment. I have meet this young lady time without number at different locations, in church, social gathering, hang out, you can name them, with or without trousers, I have never been disappointed by her outfit. Like to point out few "don't" about her admirable dress code so the beautiful ladies reading this post can correct the common dress code blunders they make.

Some Tips for you

Don't wearing Short Skirts: oh no, I didn't mean to upset the beautiful ones but wearing short skirts simply exposes the God given treasures, rather than make you look cool, your mineral resources are expose to dirts and wears. Let's make it simple, cut your clothes according to your knees and not to your labs.

Don't wear ill fitting clothes: hu-la-lah!, Am I a kettle calling a pot black? My lady friend wears cloths that are just her size, not too tight or too loos but her perfect size. Tight fitted cloths accentuates the body in a none formal way, whereas over size clothes makes you cumbersome, robust and dull.

Don't use Improper colour choices: while you chose your colours, note that some colours are perfect fits for specific seasons, events and location. Red, yellow and orange usually don't go well in corporate wears.

Don't wear Low cut or plunging tops: This set of dress has their specific places and locations it rightly fits and not suitable for daily outfit. In my country, indecent dressing by our young ladies has caused more motor accidents than faulty car parts.

Don't wear Poorly maintained Shoes: Most young ladies pay less attention to the shoe they wear, as much as your outfit is concern, your shoes should be cleaned, washed, polished and well maintained. Your total outfit includes your shoe.

Social Life, Hobbies and More

BOSS, I have answered that name a million times among family, friends and much to my surprise the society at large. I can't really figure out where, how and who started the name, a couple of times have taken time to ask reasons why people call me Boss and I often get answers like, I've never meet before but I see you like a Boss, hey, don't run away from it you are a Boss.

Well, I have come to accept and cherish the name, most especially when am on the touch line or thoug out of a football pitch. I love football, oh my goodness, my love for football is strong. Blue is the colour, football is the game... Chelsea FC, that's my club and I also support Akwa United FC.

Football is more than just a game, it has a strong unifying power through out the world. A game of passion filled with pains, regrets, wishes and agony when your team loss, however, all these can not to be compared to the joy, excitement, happiness and fulfillment when a team you support wins. I often have .....butaflies.. in my stomach when matches are tense and difficult.

In 2012, I cried for joy when the Chelsea FC lifted the glorious Champions League trophy, it was an incredible experience. I like the antics and technical prowess of Jose Mourinho, a close attention to his coaching carrier gave me insight and fair knowledge on coaching a football team. I have won and lost games as a player and as a technical manager/coach. I lost in finials in a competitive church game, it was a memorable experience that taught me a lot.

My love for football cannot be fully express, I had set up a football team in my locality for about 5 years, where have put to use my coaching skills and technical knowledge in the game of football. I score for players, assess their abilities, strength, creativity and most importantly their special functions, special functions of individual players are my joker in difficult games. Well, took a firm decision to dissolve the team when one of my boys failed to heed to my instruction and here is how it all happened.

For about 3 years we've always had an excellent record against a community team in Ikot Oku Ikono in (Akwa Ibom State) have always stun them with my ability to read the match and pull out exceptional results. We've never lost to them home or away, I remember pulling out a drawn in a spectacular encounter on their home soil in one of our encounters.

Well, this is not the EPL, but poor officiating in that particular match was way too obvious, the boys couldn't stand it, out of frustration one of my players kicked the ball out of the pitch, he was shown a straight red card, while other players went to appeal, it turned very ugly. Before I could spell Jack Robinson, the pitch turned into WWW ring, my team versus the community. Thank God we made it back home after a long session of heated brouhaha. I have always taught them respect for the white leather and love for the game, no matter what don't loss your temper inside the pitch, this has always been my instructions to them.

Talk about instructions then I tell you about my childhood sport, Shotokan karate and the dojo. "Dojo" is a place where training sessions hold, it is a place of loyalty, obedience, endurance and decipline. Uniuyo Shotokan Club was a place to be but I also had personal instructors and practicing members in my locality where we practice kicks and punches, self defense , katas and kumi'te (sparing).

In the dojo, dressed in white gear, you get punished for every instruction you fail to carry out payable by push ups and difficult task, 100 axe kicks in a lone session can rune your day, we fight with bravery and courage, always a glorious moment resisting the "kun" after each session.

Dad never supported me when he found out am into karate so I hanged up my 'yellow belt" years after my secondary school but still visit the dojo occasionally, I can still pull out my 360• knock-out kick off my sleeves cos my basics are still good.

Work Life

I don't really like to discussing about my work, Am a construction worker for about 10 years, working with people from different parts of my country Nigeria and many foreign nationals. My years in construction has been quiet challenging but I have always trust God through my tough moments.

What do you Expect from Me as I join Steem?

  • Frank speeches/ Uncensored reports/ Freedom of Expressions
  • Breaking news
  • A share of my faith
  • Making friends and growing my knowledge web
  • Motivation from my life stories

Fina Words

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I hope you have a great day!

I am @Edipascal


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Welcome brother! I'm glad you finally joined us here; you are gonna have a good time, trust me. I look forward to learning from you here.

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I'm glad you are here! We're expanding!

Welcome to Steemit @edipascal!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

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Welcome to steemit! I look forward to hearing some of your stories. I also mostly write about the crazy stuff happening but in North America. Nice to meet you.

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Man, welcome to Steem.

Welcome to Steemit @edipascal, wishing you a successful and hitch free progress here. Enjoy!!!!!

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Welcome edipascal!
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Boss, you are welcomed to the big family!, we are ready to receive you.

Welcome to steemit @edipascal.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Hello Boss Eddy Pascal
This is not an automated answer its ME and welcome to Steemit. This was one off the longarts intros i read in a while,
Thank you for that ! Its your first signature here.
You are a Steemian now! And your first blog is online. Better late than never, and I'm sure one day we will say those were the very early days of Steemit, so congrats! Whats essential here is regular posting off good quality blogs.
So start writing ! Tell us about your life, passion, animals or your work.
That Will attract possible followers.
Do be carefull with your passwords, they are yours and yours only.
Look up the free Steemify app in the Appstore or read this blog https://steemit.com/busy/@exyle/using-steemify-to-stay-up-to-date-about-the-blockchain-like-project-destiny-please-consider-blockbrothers-for-your-witness-vote Thats helpfull too.
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Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead! Let me know if you have questions,

Love from the Netherlands