My First Steemit Post

Hi, my name is Eddie Bowes

And this is my first Steemit post. I was introduced to Steemit my mom and dad. They use it all the time and they make it sound to amazing so I had to try it for myself.

I live in Hacketts cove Nova Scotia with my parents and two brothers. we have lived here for 3 years coming. I spent my early life in Edmonton Alberta. After living the city life for eight years, we decided to move somewhere nicer. We sold everything we had and started our way to the Sunshine Coast. We lived in our travel trailer there for three months and after a while, we decided we didn't like it there very much. Next we decided the other side of the water would be better, so we started our way to Vancouver Island. We ended up in a little town called Quallicum Beach and continued living in our trailer. Houses were way too expensive and it rained too much. So we went back to Edmonton for a month to make a bit of money and we went for Nova Scotia next.


It took us a month or so to get across Canada (with all the stops) and we ended up in a small campground called "Wayside." It was a nice little place, right by the ocean. We were there about 4 months until be started renting a little place by the water. We have lived here ever since then.

20472512_470192313373559_720164457_o (2).jpg

I am still in junior high and hate school. I enjoy playing sports such as Soccer,Football and Baseball. I am not playing any sports at the moment but will play football next fall and maybe this this fall too. Me and my brothers play football and soccer in our backyard. Me and my friends play sports at school and enjoy hanging out at the pool and at each others houses.

We have many gardens in our yard. My mom likes to grow her own food, and has been doing that three years now. This year, we decided to try growing our own chickens. We got 50 of them in June and had them until August. I left for my yearly vacation to my grandparents house in west B.C. so i got to miss all the horror of taking care of them! We also have about 50 egg laying hens. Most of them are scared of us, but 10 of them are super tame. One of then will walk over to you so you can pick it up.


Well, thank you for reading my blog! Tell me how I did, I truly wanna know.


I'm glad to see you steeming, i enjoy your mother 's posts and it looks like i'll enjoy yours too.Don't worry about school, i have been in school for 20 years and now i'm left with just a papper saying i was 20 years in school haha. I'll pass by sometimes and give you a comment,

all the best,

Great first post Eddie. Can't believe you are only 13 !!!

How bright your future is !!!

The internet was born when I was 13, and back then it would have been pretty much impossible for me to have earned money by writing down my thoughts and feelings about life and the world.

I look forward to reading your future posts. If you are struggling to think of something to write, why not start by writing a bit more about why you dislike school.

There have been a few comments about it already and I personally would find it interesting to hear about what an real teenager thinks about school. Do you find your mind wandering in lessons? What subjects do you find interesting/boring and why? What is school life like in the digital age?

@billytwohearts made a good point when he wrote

You have done a very good job of your first post son. However you have to remember why you did so well. It is because of that schooling that you say you don't like. Obviously you must do very well in school because of how well you have written this post.

There are good and bad things about school but luckily you have great parents who are aware of what is happening in the world and they will be able to help you recognise and adapt to the more negative aspects while taking advantage of the positives.

Good job Eddie.

Steem on !!!

I'll take all your advice into mind, thanks for commenting!

Great post Eddie.
Teachers are crap! Mine were mostly idiots, you learn all the important stuff after you leave school anyway. Great to see you here dude 😉

lol,That is 100 % true

Welcome aboard Eddie. Gave ya the full Welcome Treatment (just for looking and sounding human.) Looking forward to hearing more stories.

Asked for some advice, here it is;

  • Stay in school (and have fun with it)
  • Post Daily here on SteemIt (even if you don't feel like it)
  • Grow up slowly (the adult things a trap)
  • Just enjoy life (because... well, just because!)

Good luck on your journey kiddo. Glad to see you here.


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Thanks for the advice, I will be sure to keep my password safe

Great first post! Why do you hate school though if you don't mind me asking?

It's just very boring and all my teachers are crap!

Haha I hear ya for sure.

Haha keep it up @eddiebowes!

You did great, lots of detail and pictures. Greetings from a fellow Canadian, down in Ontario! Upvote and followed.

Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

I really enjoyed your post, Eddie. I am much, much older than you. It would have been amazing to have somewhere like this to write when I was your age. Keep at it and grow your skill at writing!

Will do, thanks

Welcome to Steemit Son! :) xoxo

Yes! Welcome! :)


Welcome to the site @eddiebowes. You are going to love it here.

I feel for you man...related to @lyndsaybowes.

So tell me, does throwing her raw meat to gnaw on chill her out or only make her more blood thirsting...

Ask your mom, she will understand.

Great to have you here.....I look forward to your posts....gave you a follow....

By the way, get walking with your mom.

Thanks for following! I will ask her lol

Welcome Eddie... I recognize that chicken!!! Tell your mom I said hi lol

Ya she has used Dawn King before, andi will tell her

You have done a very good job of your first post son. However you have to remember why you did so well. It is because of that schooling that you say you don't like. Obviously you must do very well in school because of how well you have written this post. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy Steemit and keep posting.
Upvoted and followed.................billytwohearts

Thanks for everything! School is just boring, that's why i don't like it

WELCOME TO THE PARTY!!! You are gonna love it!:)

Welcome! I see a familiar face there too! :)

Enjoy posting! :))

It's nice you decided to join us. Thanks to mum and dad for bringing you in. Have fun.

Hello, welcome to the Steemit community, it's really great to have you here with us, i hope you have a great time here and achieve great success.
I would be looking forward to reading your post. Interesting introduction you got there and great pictures.
I'm @Janrotas, would be great If you could check out my page and follow back. I have some interesting write ups I'm sure you would or can relate to. Welcome again talk more later.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community as much as I have!

congrats on joining. you made bank!
zackspin steemit welcome.gif

nice to read.. keep on posting

Welcome Eddie, we are happy to have you here on steemit :D
If you need any help or anything don't hesitate to ask!

Please check my Introduction post as well :)


Ya i will make sure to go to you

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welcome to steemit my friends

Welcome to Steemit. Good post, very well written. Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.

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welcome to steemit..and greetings..

@eddiebowes welcome and i hope you will have enjoy here in Steemit

Hi amigo nice post thank you for sharing.
i like your honestly!

Glad you liked it!

hello and welcome to steemit.

tip! post

welcome to steemit!!

Welcome to steemit @eddiebowes. Nice introducing.
Can we be a follower friends? I upvoted and followed you.
I collect friends so you also follow me and you will get a

valuable contents from me.

How are you? Eddiebowes, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Welcome to steemit @eddiebowes. YOu will do great here

Thanks, I hope so!

You did good for your firat post

you are welcome Eddie :) , you have a great family ! it was a nice introducing post .

Hey, Welcome to steemit :)

I'm new on here. Please check my introduction post as well.

Interesting read! I can see your account is somewhat new so I thought I'd send my late regards. Have one upvote on the house and maybe upvote some of my stuff too!
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Welcome Eddie! I guess it is time for your parents to teach you instead then eh! Bravo. Well done.

Nice intro Eddie !
Happy steeming !!

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