Introducing Earnlogy - A Community for Promoting Steem to the World

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Greeting Steemians!

Welcome to the Introduction post of "Earnlogy - A community for introducing Steem to the World". The reason behind this community is to invite new members to the Steemit Community and guide them about the basics of the community by educating them in their early stages.

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What is Earnlogy:

Earnlogy is a community that just started promoting steem in the world. The aim of this community is to invite new users on steemit and guide them about community ethics. Educate them in their early stages and connect them with their related communities. The plan is pretty simple we are gonna use different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some more related platform to invite users. When someone joins steemit we'll welcome them on the platform and teach them how to use steemit by introducing new comer's community by @cryptokannon where they get verified and can learn about the basics of the platform.

After verifying from the community we'll invite them to join The Diary Games by @steemitblog and different contests that are running by different communities on the platform. Introduce them to join their homeland's community which is most important for them because they can talk and post with their fellow member in their native languages.


If a user invite two members in the community something like his friends, family or neighbor and asked them to invite two more users on the platfom then it is not impossible that one day we'll have a biggest community on the internet. So I would like to invite all the communities and all the members to join our hands in promoting steem. When more users come to steemit a mass will be generated in the community and we'll get more content creator, more engagments and more investors which take our steem to the moon.


We have a plan to reward every user for inviting more users on the platform something like invite and earn which we'll start soon. We are looking for some good time to start it. First we'll start rewarding communities or admins on their efforts for managing their communities and inviting new members on the platform as it is an unappreciatable work. Then we'll step forward and start rewarding every member of the community for inviting new users. Of course it takes some time but we'll try our best to start it as soon as it is possible.

Our Work:

We're on our way to inviting new users and we are already talking with most of the peoples on facebook. Still we haven't started specific group because we're doing it individually. Once users start joining steemit community and our steemit community members joins their hands with us we'll start focusing in a shape of groups. It is not so easy to convince someone to join the platform because we are already facing some problems but we are happy because when we together start promoting steem it will solve most of the problems.

Would love to hear your opinions as it is better to know what all think about it specially I would like to mention @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 so we can see what steemit team thinks about it.

cc: @stephenkendal

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