Here to make a difference - My Introductory post

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Hi Steemians,

I'm DYG which is an acronym that stands for my full names, Durodola Yunus Gbolahan. I'm a Nigerian, a proud one, a human being, a little bit of this and that and quite a bit of many things. Vague right? LOL! I love putting myself out in bits; it makes things more relatable than just putting out everything at once.

I write and I'm quite adept at it, I think a lot and I love to make a difference with my thoughts and the words I'm able to put together and I expect nothing less than being able to string together my abilities on here to inspire, pass across knowledge, make someone's day and the very many things that words can do.

I've seen the level of love and warmth being passed on here which is why every pinch of skepticism that I had when @senseibabs told me about Steemit has disappeared and I strongly believe this is an awesome platform and yeah, one can truly do something worthwhile and make a difference.

I intend to make a difference and that I will do.

Let's get things going and I look forward to interacting with y'all.


You're most welcome brother. Happy steeming!

welcome to steemit world . Always Remember 5 points..
1)Never copy paste content from any where ..
2)It can take some time but if you work hard , God will definitely give you success..
3)Never abuse anyone or post haterade content on steemit..
4)Daily post will increase your REPUTATION SCORE (number by the side of your name)
Reputation score is mainly based on upvotes and comments .
No matter what you post ,if it gets upvotes and comments then reputation score will increase
Don't let anyone flag you or downvote you..
5)Your first post should be your introduction..
I wish you success
You can follow me @be4u