Hello from Serbia

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Hello everyone. My name is Dunja and I'am a 20 year old freelancing designer from the city of Niš in serbia.

During my day I usually help out my mother in the printery that she is running. In the evening I'am educating myself about web-development. Try to learn the spanish language and find freelancing opportunities in either design or web-development.

In my coming blogs I would like to introduce you more to myself and my country. A lot of foreigners don't know what to think when they hear about serbia for the first time. Many relate it to crime or even war. But serbia has a lot of beautiful sides. Be it the people, the nature or the food. We do have downsides also. The average salary is only about 350€ converted from the local currency dinars and goods are not cheap enough so you could live properly from this money. We are a poor country even though a lot of locals wouldn't admit it like that. Our politics is kind of screwed and there is still a lot of nepotism and other things going on. I would like to tell you a couple of stories about my country and I hope they can be interesting for you :)

~ dunja

I just created a set of logos in different formats for everyone to download and use in their posts or content: https://steemit.com/steemit/@dunja/steemit-logo-in-different-file-formats-png-jpg-ai-eps-svg-pdf

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XEM Welcome You to Steemit!

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Love Serbia, can't wait to hear more ;-)


Nice to hear :) Have you ever been to serbia? If not you should go!

lepo ime!