So... I'm 30 Today

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I'm now 30 years old (Aug 1st).

I was thinking of making a long-winded post but instead, I figured a list would be better.

Here are some random experiences and thoughts on my 20's:

  1. I wish I continued with college but I'm also happy I jumped into tech since I've been able to freelance for the past five years
  2. Relationships don't always last -- if you're too focused on them then you lose that edge that made the original attraction aka keep being you
  3. Family means everything especially once you're able to interact like adults so call your mom, grandma, whoever, and discuss topics that were always "off limits" as a child
  4. I wouldn't trade my trips abroad for anything; I want to find myself in even more places throughout my 30's
  5. Anxiety sucks but it's not the end of the world
  6. Give up drinking -- it's not worth it -- those good times pass and all you're left with is a body that's screwed up and a lack of motivation -- you see why there were problems within the family and with friends real quick once sober
  7. Explore and be creative, try psychedelics, and go to weekend long music festivals
  8. Find someone real you want to spend your life with - you'll know it when it happens

It's kind of silly condensing it all down to this but I mean what can I say? My 20's were a blur and time feels like it's speeding up. I was originally terrified of hitting 30 but now I'm pretty happy. Things are going in the right direction. I'm comfortable with my work. I've found a great person. I'm sober. I'm taking charge of my finances.

Happy birthday to me, right? Here's hoping this decade will be just as much fun.


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30 is the new 20, haha

I sure hope so! haha.

I am liking the perspective I'm able to work from this coming decade. I'm sure mistakes will be made but this time a bit safer (fingers crossed lol).

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Happy birthday!

Thank you ^__^