Modern times Glamour Ghoul, and all around Creative, discovering the hidden corners of the World Wide Web.

Oh Hello Steemit!

I thought I'd introduce myself: My name is Marie Devilreux, also known as 'Dressed to Kill You'. I am an artist, attracted by all things sparkly, vintage and spooky, born and raised in Brazil (although I have all kinds of different heritage such as Greek and Italian), but based in London, UK for the last 6 years.

I was firstly introduced to Steemit by my good friend and talented photographer/artist @kommienezuspadt, and later influenced to open my own account by my partner, the Tattoo artist and Professional Horror Kid @allangraves. And I cannot wait to show you a little bit more of my work and explore this technological tool properly !


I work as a full time Model, Burlesque Performer and Costume/Latex/Millinery Designer - Holding a brand named after my artist name and a Latex Millinery collaboration with the infamous Fetish brand Torture Garden.


I will just give you a brief idea of what I do in this first post:

My modelling work varies between different styles, such as Fetish, Latex, Pinup, Vintage, Fashion and Classic Horror.
I have worked with various well known photographers in the business and brands.




My Burlesque performance work is slightly dark. I am known as the 'Glamour Ghoul' of Burlesque, or simply 'Show Ghoul'. I like approaching Classic Burlesque and give it my personal vintage horror inspired touch.
My specialities are 'classic striptease', Feather Fan/Boa dance, Fire Tassel Twirling and Blood Bathing in a Glamorous Coffin I have designed for my signature Show 'Release the Bats'.
I also do Fetish oriented and Fire performances.




When it comes to my designs I love creating 'Avant-Guard' and Conceptual pieces. I inspire myself in all kinds of art related things, decadence and glamour. I also love reproducing Classic vintage designs in Latex wear.


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Me and my partner @allangraves share the same passion for traveling and collecting vintage/horror stuff, so we try and combine work with our hobbies traveling around to add one of a kind pieces to our collection and of course, unforgettable life/professional experiences.


We have two Cats, named Zombie and Lux, which I have adopted on Halloween day, 6 years ago.


I think I have kept you for too long already!
I cannot wait to share more details about me, my interests and my work with you all.


Marie Devilreux

Photo Credits:

Luci Alice
Lars Kommienezuspadt
Michelle XStar
BlackSheep Group
Richard Sayles
Daffyd Owen
Al Overdrive
Marcus T

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for more Latex fashions check out @LUPAE on steemit, and instagram


Hey Daniel! Thank you :) and thanks for the upvote!
What a small world! The girl in @LUPAE's photo is actually a good friend of mine, Miss Bliss.
Have a wonderful day! xxx

Welcome to Steemit!!

oh yeah this is gonna be fun!

Nice to meet you @dressedtokillyou🙃
Welcome to Steemit, you look fabulous!
Try to get a profile picture!
Take one from Instagram using my post:


Hello Heiner!
Thank you for the kind words and help :)
I love your dog!!!


Congratulations on making your first post! I hope you have fun here! Love that last shot of the kitties. Can’t wait to see and read more of your future posts!


Hello lovely!
Thank you <3
I'm glad you like my babies, I'll probably do a post about them in the future :)
Hope you'll enjoy my future posts!!

Welcome to Steemit! 💙😊


Thank you darling <3 <3 <3

Any friend of Lars is a friend of mine! Welcome to the cool kids club ;) <3


Yaaay Thank you somuch <3
Lars is the best!!!! xxx



Love your name by the way. I think I would like to own everything I see here ha ha. Very cool tastes.

Welcome, and thank you for bringing a little more darkness to Steemit ;)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope to see more of your work - something tells me you'll get a lot of attention here!

I love that it's kinky and creative. I hope @allangraves can forgive me, you've given me quite a tingle.


Thank you so much :)
I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts as much as you enjoyed this one!!
Have a wonderful day <3

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And you just have a new follower! Followed the link from @kommienezuspadt ‘s blog here! Welcome to Steemit!🖤


Yayyy <3
Thank you sweetie!!

Welcome to Steemit!
Following for more.


welcome to steemit.


Thank you ;) xxx

Holy crap that orange headpiece is amazing! Great photos, looking forward to seeing more.

Wow! Glamour, style, beauty and raw sex appeal. I'm in love. @dressedtokillyou, we'd be lucky to be killed by you any day of the week. :)

Welcome to Steemit. I'm a faithful follower of you!


Hello darling!
Thank you for the kind words and for following :)
Hope you'll enjoy my next posts <3