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Welcome to steemit :D

Hello, @dramalens ! I followed you and UpVoted you!
Very cool that you are here! Steem on!
I wish you happiness! You will be happy on SteemIt! Viva Croatia! Nice picture!

Welcome to Steem @dramalens I have upvoted and sent you a tip


Thank You Friend nice To Meet You
the Best And amazing.
Nice To Meet You All #steemians
My Name @wanpelor I Am Coming From Aceh Sumatra.
I Say Welcome And Happy To You Here

steemit or eSteem.
Vote @good-karma As Our Witness.
Do not Forget Follow Me Also @wanpelor.

Congratulations on joining @dramalens ... keep working well, I think you're a good writer, keep your best writing on this steemit, I @rerycore will visit your steemit account. Greetings know from me @rerycore.

thank you, I am just getting started and learning how to use this site.. hopefully I will do alright!

Welcome to Steemit, new Steemian!
Follow your blog :-)

thank you very much! I followed your blog!

Congratulations to join steemit @dramalens .. Show the best work you have here, hopefully in this steemit we all share each other, both in terms of writing, and on upvote part, I @muhammadfajarm will always support you, regards me @muhammadfajarm

thank you very much!

Welcome to steemit @dtamalens., Keep working well, hopefully in steemit we know each other, to add friends from different parts of the country .. I am so glad you join here, I feel have a friend again, hopefully in this steemit we support each other With the best work we have, best regards @ibel20.

Hi @dramalens .. I @levinne welcome your arrival in steemit, hopefully in this steemit we can support each other, and know each other, I think you are a very good writer, I am waiting for your best work in this steemit, my best regards @levinne , If you like my comment follow and upvote, i will do the same thing to you. thanks.

hello sara

you are very much welcome to steemit,a one of its kind in the history of social networks. i will like to share with you some lessons i learn t the hard way.
First,write on your area of strength, don't struggle more to get topics to write on, but when you write based on what you know/do well at, that becomes your brand and fellow steemians will know what to expect from you on every post.

don't beg for followers.

When people follow you on a quip pro quo basis, that's the foundation of not getting upvotes and comments because many of your followers didn't do so because they wanted what you have to offer but rather they are just there as numbers. #don't go for numbers, but value.

When i joined, after my intro post. i went low key and started engaging with people on their posts and comments and like that,i was getting people that truly liked me for me. i must note that at some post as a newbie, i outrightly asked people to follow me but that was before i learned that it was one of the unwritten rule of steemit;don't beg for followers.

Again,participate in contests, it will connect you to people and probably, earn you some steem/steem dollar. and always try to leave a good comment on people's posts. this dose wonders.
Finally, learn to engage. Get the esteem app on your phone so that after writing and posting with your pc,you can now use your phone to reply on the go. This will help you build your followers.
I hope that this piece will be of grate help to you as it has been for me[though i learn t the hard way]. Follow them and thank me later. : )
once more, you are welcome. Nice picture anyway. Let's keep in touch

@arizonawise , thank you soooo much on your kind post.. helps a lot, thank you. this is my first attempt of any kind of writing - blog etc, so i still don't know how to write, or on what i should focus.. i hope i will find it, along the way. makes me happy just to share my pictures and bits of my everyday life..

i have a question, how to i participate in contests? everything is still so confusing...

once again, thank you, i will follow your blog, but for the rigth reasons!
greetins from croatia!

greetings from Nigeria.. Croatia always give us the run for our money whenever we meet you guys in a football match.
My dear it goes beyond shearing your daily photos, every one, well all most everyone is doing that, cut a mark for your blog, something that your followers will always look out for. then you can have random posts once in a while, you know variety is the spice of life (blog). But let it be something that you have at your finger tips..say shearing pictures that tells your culture stories.

thank you so much, @arizonawise, i will try to follow your advice!

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good day and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :) and upvote all my post and i do the same.
upvote and comment on my new post.

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Okay, I have reply banned @xamir5.

Hi @dramalens nice to meet you...! Nice post...! In my profile you can obtain my contact details..! kisses..! Follow me...! Greetings from Venezuela

thank you, @manuelleorex!

I love Croatia! Which part of Croatia are you from? Would love to see your cinematography work some time soon :)

I am from zagreb, the capital city! Have you visited croatia?

I will put up at least some trailer for my cinematography work soon!

I stayed in Zagreb for a month, absolutely loved it - and the rest of Croatia!

Nice to meet you, @dramalens :) Welcome to Steemit!

thank you!

Congratulations to join in steemit @dramalens, very happy to join you in steemit, hopefully in steemit we can know each other and support others, keep your friends work, show your best work in this steemit, my @muhammadikbal will upvote you 100% ... my beginner In steemit
Yours sincerely @muhammadikbal.

thank you very much @muhammadikbal !

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Welcome to steemit @dramalens. Nice introducing I love Croatia I were there many times mainly in Istria (I am Hungarian).
Can we be a follower friends? I upvoted and followed you. I also new in this channel and I collect friends. I follow you can you also follow me and you will get a good contents from me ;-)
Thank you.

[email protected], thank you on your comment! i am glad you like my country! istria is beautiful! which is your favourite part there?
we can be friends here, of course, came here to meet new people and read some interesting stuff! :)