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RE: Hello, World

@dandann I met you some time ago as well as your music. Wished you the best on my country Spain. Now that you make a formal introduction is time to welcome you to this huge ecosystem which we all love. Hope you'll find your way to develop all those ideas you stated.
Here you have some common friends already .
As @brittandjosie founder of our SteemTerminal Discord server told you we have some music events on our server. @joseacabrearav made some lovely live shows with his friends that delighted the audience.
Maybe you would also be interested on joining the experience and make some live stuff over there. If that would be the case please contact us.
Of course you're invited to join our discord server:

Click the image to join...

Happy New Year, hugs and love over there ❤️


Thank you ^_^
Sorry for being out of touch for a bit there. A lot of things happened, but I am back now. I would LOVE to do some live shows if you guys are still interested. What would I need to do in order to get involved?

How nice to see your answer @dandann!
It has passed some time since my commemt so It comes Up that I'm also on a live Discord radio show .... so It would be two gigs ahead.
Do you speak spanish, I guess yes. We could talk It on Discord or whatever means you propose...
I live there on the Discord server link I put on my previous commemt. You can DM me and I will answer ASAP (I'm working till 20:00 daily) in case I'm not online.
Waiting for your Contact.