[EN/中文] Introducing dPet, the first blockchain pet community on Steemit / dPet - Steemit 的第一個區塊鏈寵物社群

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dPet, the first blockchain pet community on Steemit

1. Introduction to dPet

1.1.1 Background of dPet

What are pets? Dogs? cats? Pets are any living creatures/animals we humans take care of and live with. Pet owners/enthusiasts are committed to welfare and wellness of pets; pet keeping is a lifelong commitment seeing pets as friends, family members, or partners.

To give the possible best welfare and wellness to pets, pet owners/enthusiasts log onto traditional social networking platforms (e.g. Facebook and Reddit) to share stories, tips, experiences, forming a collective source of information on pet raising. Although most of those platforms are free to sign up, a problem is that their content is not likely to be rewarded.

User motivation on social networking platforms is a self perception that keeps pet owners/enthusiasts to share with peers; such motivation can be attributable to 1). depth and breadth of information, 2). degree of interaction with peers, and 3). self worthiness.

Emergence of Steemit, a Steem-backed blockchain technology, seems to be an ideal solution to user motivation. The decentralisation environment on Steemit allows pet owners/enthusiasts to co-contribute tips, stories, or experiences with dPet to depth and breadth of pet raising information.

@dPet is in a position of maintaining a co-sharing structure where pet owners/pet enthusiasts share pet raising information in textual, pictorial, or video forms. @dPet sorts and archives information in genres for easy searching and viewing. Amid the information contribution, we empower pet owners/enthusiasts on Steemit to freely interact with peers and @dPet, through which to develop a sense of rapport, friendship, and belonging. Most importantly, content contributed by pet owners/enthusiasts will be rewarded by way of a proposed @dPet SMART MEDIA TOKEN (SMT) to acknowledge hard work and sustain a sense of achievement.

1.1.2 What is dPet on Steemit?

@dPet, a successor of dailypetphotography, is a decentralised app (Dapp) using the steem-backed blockchain technology. Dailypetphotography had been manned by @kona for almost half an year. It was a highly acclaimed event in which pet owners/enthusiasts shared photos of pets/animals of all sorts on a regular basis. The event recorded an average of 25 photo entries daily.

Some pet owners/enthusiasts expressed that if dailypetphotography would be able to allow them to share experiences and stories on a larger scale and have stronger bonds with peers. To tap into this opportunity, dailypetphotography has been transformed into @dPet.

Expanding from dailypetphotography, dPet aspires to take user motivation to higher heights. It is probably the first pet-owners-orientated Dapp on the steem blockchain with an intention to enhance user experience. @dPet will

  1. continue the dailypetphotography event;
  2. share and archive insightful pet-raising information on the steem blockchain;
  3. co-host a string of pet-related competitions from time to time;
  4. eventually reward content contributors with dPet SMT.

For details on @dPet, please refer to the below sections.

1.2 Vision at dPet

  • We envision that a caring community should be created, promoted, and sustained where all pets have rights to be respected and protected by humans. In this sense, pets can live happily and safely with welfare and wellness to be fully taken care of.

  • We also envision that pet owners will have an ultimate portal to retain the possible highest degree of user motivation on the social medical platform.

1.3 Mission at dPet

  • We aim to develop welfare and wellness of pets by promoting and sharing pet-raising tips and information

  • We aim to improve pet-raising skills and knowledge by promoting and sharing pet-raising tips and information

  • We aim to co-host an array of user-driven experience-sharing events with pet owners/enthusiasts to develop bonds and interactions

  • We aim to reward users with the @dPet SMT to sustain social medical platform user motivation

1.4 Objectives at dPet

1.4.1 Short-term (2018-2019)

  • We are committed to hosting the dailypetphotography event, through which to develop bonds and interactions among pet owners/enthusiasts and to develop a sense of achievement

  • We aim to regularly co-publish blog posts on all kinds of pet-raising tips and information with pet owners/enthusiasts, through which to develop welfare and wellness of pets, improve pet-raising skills and knowledge, and further develop a sense of achievement

  • We aim to host ad-hoc pet-related contests with attractive SBDs to reward contributors and further develop a sense of achievement

1.4.2 Mid-to-long-term (2019 onwards)

Continuing with the short-term objectives, we aim to develop 1) the dPet SMT as an ultimate reward vehicle to acknowledge hard work of content contributors, 2) to host an online discussion forum on which pet owners/enthusiasts share tips and stories, and 3) to run a virtual pet hotel.

1.5 The workings of dPet

1.5.1 Places

A dedicated website has a background section on organisational aims and objectives, who we are, and what we do. Together with the background section, the website has a Wordpress module, linked with the @dPet Steemit account, for pet-related blog posts co-authored with pet owners/enthusiasts. Pet owners/enthusiasts as external authors are invited to submit any tips, stories, and experiences on the @dPet discord channel together with in-house authors. dPet chooses interesting posts and rewards the external authors respectively. All posts are sorted and archived in genres.

@dPet has a dedicated Steemit account that hosts the dailypetphotography event. Pet owners/enthusiasts submit photos with a special tag #dailypetphotography to dPet . Pet owners/enthusiasts vote for favourite photos and dPet rewards the chosen pet owners/enthusiasts with SBDs on Steemit.

The Steemit account also allows ad-hoc pet-related contests where SBDs are given to reward winners.

Along with Steemit, dPet has presence on Facebook and Twitter, which are linked to the Steemit account. All Steemit posts are shared on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

1.5.2 Marketing and promotion

Public relations

@dPet hopes to run ad-hoc fund-raising projects and make donations to pet-related organisations to welfare and wellness of pets.

@dPet has ambassadors (@aaronli, @catwomanteresa, @perlia, @prch, @kona, & @travelgirl) to promote welfare and wellness of pets and also improve visibility and awareness of dPet.


dPet hopes to collaborate with different entities in the form of ad-hoc events to develop alliances and utilise synergy for a better world of pets.

1.5.3 Core members

@aaronli. He is from Hong Kong and an active steemian having been developing various projects @sndbox, @ccp-hk, @utopian, @fundition, and @orientalhub. @dPet, he is responsible for strategic direction, post contribution, translation, marketing, public relations, and finance and accounting.

@catwomanteresa. She is a pet owner from Taiwan. Having been on Steemit for more than a year, she is worldly in the decentralised blogging environment. @dPet, she is involved in strategic direction, post contribution, marketing, graphic design, and public relations.

@kona. He is a pet owner from Hong Kong. He was the brains behind the highly acclaimed dailypetphotography event and has been holding an important post @ccp-hk. @dPet, he takes part in strategic direction, post contribution, website management.

@perlia. She is pet owner from Hong Kong. With a strong dedication to pets in mind, sharing and writing about pets is never boring. Garnering experience from @ccp-hk, she helps with strategic direction, post contribution, marketing, and public relations @dPet.

@prch. He is from Hong Kong. His business background enables him to contribute business know-how to @dPet in marketing.

@travelgirl. She is from Hong Kong but now in Australia. With her vast experience and versatility in projects @ocd, @dlive, and @ladiesofAsia, she brings a wealth of expertise to @dPet in strategic direction, marketing, discord channel management, and public relations.

1.5.4 dPet on the lookout for talents

@dPet always searches for and hopes to bring in talents to join the team. We seek to develop partnerships with people well versed in website programming, public relations, or translation.

1.5.5 Steem power delegation and Upvote support

To build stronger ties with peers and give back to users, @dPet has a Steem power delegation scheme, through which to support the growth of the dPet community. We are looking for more Steem power for stronger voting power, with which to reward content contributors and curators loyal to @dPet.

For a larger pool of Steem power, delegation is initialised through lending Steem power of one user to another. The amount of Steem power to be delegated is subject to how much Steem power you have in the wallet. A user can delegate as little as 1 or as much as up to 80% maximum of one’s total Steem power. The delegation process does not mean that you are deprived of your own Steem power. You can recall your own Steem power by terminating the delegation and get it back in 7 days.

Delegation comes in different sizes, technically without a limit. A larger amount of Steem power delegation can result in large upvote support (thanks to stronger voting power) for those who have delegated Steem power to @dPet.

To give you a better idea of how to delegate to @dPet, we are having a brief tutorial here.

  1. We have predefined 20, 30, 50 or 100 Steem power delegation for you to choose from

20SP delegation: | 20SP

30SP delegation: |30SP

50SP delegation: | 50SP

100SP delegation: | 100SP

  1. Simply choose from any of the links above, it will take you to Steemconnect.

  2. Sign in with you Steemit handle and password.

Steemconnect_signin_Dpet Steemconnect login @dPet

If you want to delegate more Steem power to @dPet, change the numerical value before the % sign to your desired amount in the below web link and then copy-paste the changed link into the web browser address bar and hit enter. https://steemconnect.com/sign/delegateVestingShares?delegator=&delegatee=dpet&vesting_shares=20%20SP

For example, delegation of 500 Steem power to @dPet
500SP delegation
Delegation of 500SP to dPet Delegation of 500SP to dPet

1.5.6 dPet SMT

The @dPet SMT is scheduled to be developed and circulated in mid 2019. We will announce SMT details in 2019.

1.1 簡介

1.1.1 背景




Steemit的出現,提供一種支持steem的區塊鏈技術。以技術層面而言,是用戶動機的理想解決方案。 而Steemit的去中化環境,正好允許寵物主人/愛好者與dPet 共同提供有關寵物飼養信息的深度和廣度的心得、故事或經驗。

dPet處於維持共享結構的位置,寵物主人/寵物愛好者可以通過文字、圖片或視頻形式共享寵物資訊,訊息按類型進行分類和存檔,以便於搜索和查看。在訊息貢獻中,寵物主人/愛好者可以在Steemit上與同伴和dPet 自由互動,在過程中建立融洽、友誼和歸屬感。最重要的是寵物主人/愛好者提供的內容將通過提議的dPet SMART MEDIA TOKEN(SMT)作出獎勵,以表彰努力工作並保持成就感,從此形成良性循環。

1.1.2 什麼是dPet?

dPet 是「每日攝影活動」的延伸,是一個使用steem支持的區塊鏈技術的分散式應用程序(Dapp)。 「每日攝影活動」已經由@kona舉行了超過半年,是一個備受好評的活動。在活動中,寵物主人/愛好者定期分享各種寵物/動物的照片,而每天平均會收錄約25張照片。



  1. 延續「每日攝影活動」活動;
  2. 分享和存檔有關steem區塊鏈的深刻的寵物飼養信息;
  3. 不時共同舉辦一系列與寵物有關的比賽;
  4. 最終通過dPet SMT獎勵內容貢獻者。


1.2 願景

  • 我們希望應該創造、促進和維持一個關愛社區,從而令所有寵物都有權受到人類尊重和保護。從這個意義延伸,寵物要幸福安全地生活,牠們的福利和健康應要得到充分照顧。

1.3 使命

  • 我們的目標是通過宣傳和分享寵物飼養技巧和信息,來發展寵物的福利和健康
  • 我們的目標是通過參與及討論,豐富飼養寵物的技能和知識
  • 我們的目標是與寵物主人/愛好者共同舉辦一系列用戶驅動的體驗分享活動,以發展聯繫和互動
  • 我們的目標是通過dPet SMT獎勵用戶,以維持社交平台的用戶動力

1.4 目標

1.4.1 短期 (2018-2019)


1.4.2 中長期 (2019 以後)

持續實現短期目標,我們的目標是1) 將dPet SMT作為承認內容貢獻者努力工作的終極獎勵媒介,2) 設立討論區論壇及3) 成立寵物酒店。

1.5 dPet 的運作

1.5.1 地點

專門的網站設有一個關於組織目標和背景的部分,介紹網站的管理團隊以及團隊的工作。與背景部分一起,該網站有一個wordpress模塊,與dPet Steemit帳戶相關,用於與寵物主人/愛好者共同撰寫的寵物相關博客文章。另外網站會邀請外部作者的寵物主人/愛好者與內部作者一起在dPet的頻道上提交任何心得、故事和經驗。dPet會有提交的文章中選取有趣的帖子,並分別獎勵外部作者,當中所有帖子都按類型排序和存檔,方便Steemit帳戶隨時翻閱。

團隊有一個專門的Steemit帳戶,主辦「每日寵物攝影活動」,寵物主人/愛好者向dPet提交帶有特殊標籤 #dailypetphotography 的照片,每天將會有被選中的作品。而每月會舉行一次總選,由寵物主人/愛好者投票選出最喜歡的照片,dPet會發SBD獎勵給票數最多的照片及投票者。



1.5.2 巿場及推廣






1.5.3 核心成員

@aaronli:來自香港,是一名活躍的Steemian,一直在開發各種項目,包括@sndbox@ccp-hk@utopian@fundition@orientalhub。 在@dPet的團隊中,將負責制定群組發展方向,並與團隊共同協作,專門負責翻譯、宣傳、公共關係,以及處理項目的財務會計。

@catwomanteresa:是一位台灣的寵物主人,加入了Steemit了一年多,熱心參與多項活動,在分散的博客環境和活動管理方面處於世界領先地位。在 @dPet會負責制定群組發展方向,並與團隊共同協作,專門負責宣傳、平面設計和公共關係。


@perlia:一位來自香港的貓奴,懷著滿腔喜愛寵物的熱誠,最近在steemit不斷創作與寵物資訊相關的帖子,並跟同好者交流分享。相信在@ccp-hk 計劃中所累積的豐富寫作經驗,能與@dPet 成員一起為寵物愛好者建立穩定的交流平台,並努力拓展市場及公共關係。


@travelgirl:也是來自香港,但現在定居於澳大利亞。憑藉她在@ocd@dlive@ladiesofAsia 等項目中的豐富經驗和多項專長,她為@dPet帶來了實用的經驗與知識,包括制定群組發展方向及市場營銷,同時會協調平台的管理,並處理公共關係。

1.5.4 發掘人材


1.5.5 支持點贊

為了與各steemian建立更緊密的聯繫,dPet有一個代理計劃,通過該計劃支持dPet社區的發展。 代理計劃有不同的規模,是沒有上限的,你給予dPet多大的代理,你便會獲得相對的回報。

1.5.6 SMT

dPet SMT計劃於2019年中期開發和發布,詳情容後公佈。


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