Don't Just Believe - An Introduction

in #introduceyourself2 years ago (edited)

Have you ever stopped to think about where your beliefs come from, or how much control you have over what you believe, or if your beliefs help you or hold you back in life? Maybe you've even wondered what the nature of belief itself is. Do you really even believe things you claim to believe? And if you do, why?

Not long ago, a few friends started to ask these questions among themselves, and the idea for a new community was born - Don't Just Believe.

This blog will be an attempt to explore these questions, foster discussion about potential answers, and begin the process of formulating a purpose for this new community.

If you're interested in these questions and/or helping us build this community, please follow us so you can keep up with our work here.


welcome to steemit . this platform not good for every one if you doing work hard then you got a lot of upvotes if you do copy paste then no one like your post . Best of luck .

Welcome on Steemit, glad to have you among us :D

Hope you'll give us some nice content, I followed you to make sure of that. Take care and have fun !

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I am so excited for your posts in the future. Hoping to hear a lot from you.

Thanks. I'll try to post regularly. :)

Great to know. =)