Long Overdue Intro Post - Just a Short Story

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There comes a day when three thousand people follow the money.


It has to be the money because I have not really authored anything to follow.

So here goes my intro post.

If anyone wants to know me, you can see who I am by what I do. I choose to introduce myself by telling you a true story.

Today you get a new cover image and a short story.

A close family member travels half way around the world to see me, which happens once per year at best. They lost touch with me many years ago. These visits have given us a chance to get reacquainted.

I have always paid for the flights and would not think of allowing them to pay for anything while here. Then again, there was this one year where I found myself refusing to buy plane tickets. Silent scrutiny was in the air as I tried to explain, and they understood, but wanted to make the trip anyway. They bought the tickets that year and all was good!

I still felt really bad. At the same time, I knew I was doing the right thing. The tickets would have cost several btcoins at that time, and bitcoins were the only transferable asset I had. You and everyone else might call me cheap, and I am used to criticism, but there is more to the story.


Family members arrived at their own expense. Meals, drinks and accommodations were on me because the dollars had not fluctuated to any extent, though the digital currency had. All went well and my guests returned to their place of origin. Phone calls continued as usual as that year went on.

Sometimes "No" just means, "Not now!"

It was about a year later that I got the call. We started to talk about dates for another visit. Once the date was set, I said, "I know it is difficult to take a few weeks off and come to visit, so of course, I will be picking up the flights this time." I heard a sigh of relief. I then asked for a bitcoin address because I needed them to pick up some things and bring them. Before the conversation ended, I sent a large sum of money and went on to inform them, "I just bought your plane ticket, and I wanted to send you the money for you last flight too." That seemed to make the other party happy.

The money showed up and instead of the price of a ticket it was well over a thousand times that price. Since bitcoin had moved from the two-hundred each, rising to ten-thousand each during that year, I gave them the same amount that I would have spent if I had stupidly bought the first set of plane tickets.

They got enough money to retire on that day. Afterward, bitcoin even doubled, or nearly so. Needless to say, they were happy I had said, "No!"

Their holdings have been split up and reinvested, and I am confident they have doubled up again. There is nothing like a practical example to teach someone a lesson: Never sell low.

-The End

I thought you all deserved a post.

Today, I no longer think about the price of bitcoin. I will not talk about the past issues, or go into the who or what happened in the past. I just wanted to finally give you all a post. Thank you for finding my account worth following.

I am @done

for the complainers who will bash me for using the introduction tags, this is my introduction.


Great job, I like your intro it's inspiring

Hello @done! It is amazing all the followers and the achieved without making a publication.. that says something and there is the answer thousands of people who are really grateful for everything you do every day.

After so much time (although I never imagined it would happen) we can know something about you, a person full of kindness and good wishes. The story is very impressive and reminds me a lot, for something that happened to me very recently.

To summarize, my story that brought me to Steemit a few months ago, was because of a hack that had an Italian exchange with the NANO cryptocurrency, because, at 17 years of age without any help I could reach 400 of those crypto. In December it was quoted at +30 $.. I never touched a penny and I lost everything.. Today I am here thanks to that. It will sound crazy, but I do not regret it, this just starts.

His story made me feel nostalgic and happy, to know him and to remind me why I am here. His confidence in me made me stand up! Welcome to Steemit? :)

It is true that you had not published, in fact I thought you did it through another user (I was curious to know who it was about), it is true that money attracts a lot of people's attention, however, you do not only have money, you also have a good heart, to know that it is enough to see their actions that say more than many publications, You have helped people in need on the platform, not just with votes, you even bought an account with the excuse of helping that user who would not otherwise have accepted your money, your comments and the people you help have special stories, you could choose to write and reward yourself but in your heart there has been no such ambition in all this time. 15 months on the platform just for the sake of offering help to others, that's admirable. There are many things I would like to know about you, and I may not have money but I would like to be able to offer you my friendship, not an interested one but a grateful one!

Thanks to you for helping so many people, because even if you do not believe it, a vote of yours puts food on the table of many people. I wish you the best and that you continue to succeed, you deserve it!

@Done, what a surprise it is to see a publication of your introduction.
I have no doubt that what you have done has already had its reward, and much more so when you are a helper.
We hope to know more about you and see more publications. Regards!

Welcome @done !!! Great agent of change, I am happy to read and I hope to continue reading always, thank you for your support, I hope God continues to fill you with rewards and blessings, count on my support always, the greetings of #Venezuela are you in my prayers, I send you a tight hug.

Welcome @done!!!! :)

I am happy to read your first post (introduction), a nice read. Thanks to your generosity in valuing my publications, it made me grow in this community.

You have my vote and all my support. Regards!!!

That story is absolutely incredible.. I imagine your friend is quite glad he forked out the money for the plane flight! I mean, sheesh, 10 bitcoins?? I need to drastically upgrade my friend group...

I could not bring myself to spend 10 btc and onl y get $2,900 worth of plane tickets. Hind sight is 20/20 but forethought, knowing the potential is what I used.

a very interesting story story @done, keep the spirit and never give up.

You are great @done, everyone will do the right thing when some people can only criticize us. I'm glad to finally be able to see the posts in your short stories and I'm sure you can always see the people around you. do not ever care when someone wants to criticize you. my greetings to you and all your friends there. Introduction is the only way to strengthen the relationship. you are great

Welcome @done!!! nice history I hope to read you frequently.

It's perfect, I just saw a post from a @done and I have almost every day visited this blog, but none of the posts I see. but today I can read a short story from a @done I have been following for a long time, hopefully I can see you like this day by day and have a good day. my @chamberle will always support you @done.

I really want to see your next post it seems to be interesting to follow.
Thank you for sharing your story

For a couple of days I was wondering who was behind this account, I was very curious. I could see how generous you are with people, and that caught my attention. The economic situation in Venezuela is unsustainable and chaotic, which has led many Venezuelans to look for some way to earn money. Steemit has been a great help for those of us who still live in the country. I'm happy to read a post on your account and know something about you. Hugs!

Esta linda la imagen de fondo, respecto a la historia creo fielmente en que los planes de Dios son perfectos, que no hayas gastado esos 10 BTC ese año no fue solo suerte, cuando las personas obran bien les va bien y estoy segura que Dios ha tenido algo que ver en como un voleto de viaje se ha convertido en una fortuna que no solo has usado para beneficiarte tu sino que has tendido la mano a otros. Saludos!

Well being following from a long time so its great to read a post from you awesome hopefully you will keep sharing :)

Congratulation @done you got 3000 follower. What a great story. Thanks for sharing

Welcome mr. @done the first time I want to thank you because thanks to you I can learn a lot, I remember it very much in March and then you give me my postpost upvote at that time, this is the first moment I see you post in steem.
May you be the most successful person here

congratulations to you for 3000 followers and i am very glad to be one of them, thanks for your post and let me know more about your life story , good luck for you and everybody here. i love this platform to know more interesting people and know more things about this world.hope it to be better.

Welcome back to good post steem @done, success always in work on steem

Hi mr. @done
Good night
Welcome to re-join in steemit, indeed I just been here but I've heard your name from my close friends who come from Indonesia, he told me a lot about you;
He told me that you very well often visited his post several months ago, and he is very grateful to you

Welcome back to the person who has inspired me in steem, because I am a success although only a small part but I am very happy because you have shared upvote to me,
Thanks for a very big one
Always success

Congratulations for your 3000 followers, it's good to be able to read your presentation, much awaited and with this good message, thank you very much for your support, may God continue to bless you

hello interesting story, welcome to the community. I hope you are not a whale of those who with their great power of VP who have denied the votes to the good post and only vote among themselves, good luck and I hope you like this social network

Welcome to steem mr. @done a beautiful night can visit your post even though I only a small part that gives upvote to you, but I am proud to see you post

Hello mr. @done
Welcome back to the first post I see as long as I use this steem app,
I wish you success

Wao very interesting your story, family comes first, congratulations for the 3000 followers, for me it is a pleasure to be among those followers and the truth is that I am happy to see your first message @done, and I want to thank you for supporting my publications , may God continue to bless you, I hope to see more publications of which you have my support. Greetings.

What a great story, sharing with the family is very rewarding and even more so when you see it once a year, congratulations for those 3 thousand followers, I am sure they will continue adding many more, thanks for your presentation and for giving us this beautiful start of publication .

Wao, it's excellent this I never thought you would make a publication
It is amazing 3000 followers without having a single publication, the answer of this is gratitude you have supported many people and there you have the fruit of gratitude expressed in followers
It's great they have a big heart to really support without knowing is great, many people within the community need it and you like you have read or detected the need in each of the users and you have decided to change your life with a vote of help
Thanks @done
And then excellent presentation very good way to start your blog
Greetings 😍😍😍

Welcome excellent story that you have left us as your presentation has started in the best way, those 3000 followers grateful for the help you have left in each one, your unconditional support deserves that and more
Greetings @done and again welcome

Finally it's good to see you post dear friend @done congratulations for those 3000 followers, I'm proud to be part of those 3000 for a long time, visit infinades of times your blog to see you publish and finally you did.
It is a pleasure to be able to afford the travel of a family member, especially if you have the money to do so. What a surprise to receive 10 bitcoin in your wallet without a doubt.
Thank you very much for sharing this life story with us
Very happy to read you at last
I wish you a beautiful night dear friend @done

Well, to be the first time you publish is not bad for me if it costs me to write sometimes, remember that whenever you help you receive something from others is little or much it is good to always be grateful.

have a good weekend, greetings

What a great story, I thought you were not real! How good it is to know that you make yourself known to the community! I've seen how you've helped others! that shows that your heart is great and your kindness also by caring for others and thus helping those who need it! Greetings from Venezuela ... God bless you and continue to give you abundance.

What a joy to see that there are people who still think of others, I have seen how you have helped people on this platform that shows that you are full of kindness! I would like to have that kind of opportunity to also help those who need it! May God continue to fill your heart with goodness and multiply you enormously! from Venezuela a great greeting

Waoo muy interesante historia y estoy muy feliz de que poco a poco vallas alcanzando un nivel extraordinario @done te doy mis felicitaciones por los 3000 seguidores y por el nivel que llevas, espero que sigas mejorando cada dia mas, y haciendo feliz a muchas personas tu te lo mereces, saludos.

Welcome @done.

What an incredible story, this one!

Finally your first post, congratulations to the 3000 followers, and that this place be enjoyable and perfect so you can do more post.

Good evening, Success !

Hello friend @done congratulations for the 3000 followers ... the truth if you ask me who was this person with such charity to support others unconditionally, but what a pleasure to know you, thanks for a post, it is much more to share the communicate and know, be welcome in this great community, greetings and I hope to read much more of your post. Those moments of the past were left behind thanks to God! Greetings God bless you!

Hello @done. I saw your name near the top of the voter list on a few of my posts awhile back.

It's good to know there's actually a human behind the account. Now I can say thanks.

I didn't follow because there wasn't anything to follow, and I don't play that other game.

Anyway, nice to meet you, and have a good day.

Welcome back to steem @done success for you even though it's the first post

We welcome you at mr welcome welcome. @done
Good post

Hi @done you are incredible
Do you make an investment at steemit.com
I really like people like you
May you always succeed

Que emotiva historia de verdad que llega al corazón. Muchas felicidades por alcanzar un numero muy importante de seguidores, espero que disfrute mucho @done que pase una excelente noche.

hi @ done how can first appearance you can get 3000 follower. truly extraordinary....

greetings @done I have some time visiting your account to see if published, reasons his reputation, as I am new I thought it was great, sorry that it is something spontaneous but I think it is the best, as far as his story is right as far as criticism but Equally the best thing is to ignore the negative opinions because as much as one can try to do things to avoid them, they will always have a reason to do them, so they should only live their lives no matter what, because we only have an opportunity to live. and you have to make the most of it no matter what you say or it is not a pleasure to see your story and I hope to enjoy more publications and I will follow it if you allow it since I have not yet done it

An introduction @done very inspiring and at the same time an example to follow, I thank God that there are people like you who through their generosity can improve the quality of life of any person how I would like to help people as you do, in my country Venezuela there are many people in need which I would like to help as you do but unfortunately I can not do it but welcome the community I hope you can take into account my humble comment and may God fill you with many blessings, a Greetings from venezuela .

Thanks again for the upvote from you mr. @done no words I deserve to mention other than "The most generous person in steem"

Welcome and join mr steem. @done, your first post is very interesting

Hello mr. @done
Welcome to steam
I will always support you
Thank you very much

Joining steam is everyone's dream, so I would like to welcome you to steam.
May you be my aspiration

Now my theory is that YOU, @done, you are Satoshi Nakamoto !
How many blocks am I from the truth? "Freezing"? "Cold"? "Warm"? "Hot"?

Anyway, your writing says that you spent your formative years in the US. But given the story, your family lives abroad ...

You STRONGLY BELIEVE in bitcoin because you were there early and have a lot, and you have a very strong opinion of what "selling low" means. Yesterday I read a story of a guy who bought (or maybe mined) bitcoin very early and then quickly sold them when they reached ... $1 (yes, ONE dollar ...). You know 10 000 times better than that guy ...

Yet at the same time you are generous with those you care about, as the story shows ...

From your style I believe you are educated and very bright and you studied steem well over several months I would say from the history of your SP buildup (lots of transfers from bittrex and polo from may to august 2017 and even later, including 2018). And also from the fact that you voted for 30 witnesses (something a lot of users don't bother to do)

After studying it carefully, you clearly came to believe in steem, which I find very reassuring, because I believe in steem too (so there's at least one guy smarter than me who thinks like me ... maybe we are not BOTH wrong ...)

Anyway, since you made the effort of posting 3 weeks ago, please let me draw your attention to the fact that since you last selected the witnesses you approve of, some have resigned (wackou, jerrybanfield, arhag, viva-witness).

As you are someone who is invested and believes in the susccess of steem, I would like to invite you to have a look at what @lux-witness proposes and maybe update the list of witnesses and approve our witness, @lux-witness

Thank you for your consideration
Sorin (@sorin.cristescu) and Pablo (@pstaiano)

I have seen that some of the witnesses that I had chosen have stopped. I will be fixing that. Adding new witnesses, on the other hand, is something I take seriously . Finding out who they are and what their vision is for Steem is difficult and time consuming.

I will come back to you when I have time to take another look at who I bring onto my list.

For others reading this, thank you for setting me as proxy, and I invite others to do so.

Your writing exhales serenity ... I would very much like to know you better. Then again, if you are indeed Satoshi (or one of the first guys involved with bitcoin) it will probably never happen.

welcome back @done brothers ... why just actively come back ... where are you friends for this ???? .... honestly we have been felt in foreign as long as @done brother is not active ....


A lot of reason, a story says more about someone than his words. But not only the words, also the actions that are not counted are worth a lot. Thank you for the support you have given all this time on the platform.

hahaha gave me a lot of laughter as you started your presentation:

It has to be the money because I have not really authored anything to follow.

I'll confess that a few months ago I saw you make good votes to publications and it caught my attention ... I was going to follow you but I noticed that you did not have publications, so I thought maybe you were a robot ... so no I followed ... Today I see that you are not a robot, and now I gave the button to follow you ... I hope you keep publishing to interact ... and also if you could go through my blog, it would be a great honor, I would be very grateful if I received your votes. I hope not to offend you with my comment, but it is sincere. Thanks for introducing yourself 😊

Welcome and have a nice steemit life

My best pleasure welcoming you mate! I know we have met before, and you have previously supported me. Until this post however, you had never really blogged.

So i am really looking forward to more stuff from you. XD.

hay @done how are you. Nice to see you post. In fact you came up as one of the accounts in a report I was doing that was a dead account which has now activated. (dead as in no root posts) There are a few 'dead' accounts that have come back to life this month. Goes to show, its not all about the money because if that was the case then now is not the best time to be posting lol.

You might want to consider looking at your witness votes - I see one witness in particular you are voting for has taken their server off line. And hay, shameless plug but if you have a spare vote, you might just consider @steemcommunity.

Are you done? Let's hope not :)

Your votes have long appeared on many a post, thank you for this late but welcome introduction.

Thank you @done for this great life lesson. It is sooo hard to say no, yet sometimes necessary.

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing.
success always in work on steem

One of the most beautiful

fabulous one.
Very nice i like it
That's really great


such an amazing words,thanks a lot

Congratulations for 3k followers, Nice story mr @done

A pride can say 'welcome' in the steem for you @done
Works the oldest nonstop

Good story @done and good job for you.

If this is the first time you publish but you have helped enough people to fight on this platform, the first time I saw your vote I was excited and I wanted to meet you but I could not find anyone to give me information about you so I thought you were a person of a family group that helped each other to achieve success.

I hope you continue on this steemit platform since you are one of the few people who help users, greetings from Venezuela.

Note: I am using a translator I hope it is understood.

What a great power to find on this platform, good people like you, that people like you who love to help those in need, also love life, love God love nature and our environment, hopefully many more people in the world would you donate, but unfortunately they are few, that is why you have a great value for God since you are one in a million God take care of you and bless you.

He already has ! I took a look at your blog. Your children are beautiful. Enjoy them while they are young because every moment is precious.

I am happy that you have passed my blog, it is true they are my greatest blessing and I will enjoy them as much as I can, so that they can be good men and know GOD.

Welcome to steem @done be the best for others hope some people want to be like you

de verdad que interesante es que votes post de contenido en castellano, no muchos hacen eso. Me gusta y gracias por ayudar a los demas, sobre todo a los mas pequeños. imaginate lo que se lograria si todos en la plataforma trabajaramos unidos

Guau... Definitivamente el destino o las cosas que van a pasar al final siempre pasan tarde o temprano... Te felicito Saludos. espero volver a leer pronto algo mas. Gracias por atreverte a contar esta historia.

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Without a doubt, this is an incredible story, I do not know if your followers are there for the money, I just discovered you and I am new to this platform. I do not even know if I should welcome you ... I hope you have many successes. I'll leave you my presentation post next. I would love you to read it: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ritaasabati/introduceyourself-i-m-rita-asabati-a-pleasure-to-meet-you

Welcome to Steem, @done!

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Welcome back @done
Good work in steem be the best among the good because I am sure you will succeed here

That's good intuition, maybe you've done a lot of good things in life and God has rewarded you for it in the way you least expected.

Welcome @done, a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks to you, I have observed that you make a great support for the community. I have been interested in reading your article and I have left the message "Never sell low."


We are approaching that time of never selling low again. Steem is following suit as other currencies fall. I have not sold anything since December except for special favors to people who need to convert paper. I have bought up Steem/SBD from people who have recently joined. They need to know this is real money.

Hold tight to your Steem and snap up what you can of other cryptos.

Thanks for your recommendations @done, I feel advised by an expert. I will work hard to keep growing and have more steem before it increases. :-)

This really is great, I made a few visits looking to know about you and did not find anything. I take the opportunity to welcome you and tell you that you are doing an excellent job in the community. My best wishes and blessings to you. Nice to meet you, I hope you will be encouraged to know more about me.

We read soon, I will be attentive to your writings. I also love traveling and I hope to get to know the world.


You never told anything about yourself @done with this post.

Good story @done and good job for you

congratulations to you for 3000 followers, surprising story I have a cousin who left venezuela thanks to steemit, and I came to this community thanks to my brother.

A great story, a great person, a great gift for a great friend, the goodness of a human being is greater than all the money in the world, but money in a kind person is much bigger and almost impossible to achieve, few people like you are your friend @done God bless you I give you a lot of health and life so that you can continue helping the most needy.

Impressive intro @done
Lots of love
Sorry for late reply.

Me gusto leer tu presentacion.
Realmente el valor de las criptomonedas es una montaña rusa. Hay que saber cuando vender, Aveces es necesario estudiar la moneda.
Que bueno que pudiste obtener mas dinero y que te rindiera para los boletos, en un futuro quisiera poder ayudar a mi familia.

Banyak pengikut nya,,..
Saya dengan cerita nyata, yang anda cerita kan @done

Hello friend, I invite you to writing again, you're a very good writer. :) Saludos

Hello my dear @done I'm here for two things.
First is for motivate you to write again. :)
Second is for thanking to you for your supporting.
Me gustaría tener un voto considerable de parte de usted en mi último post. Gracias por el apoyo que me ha brindado, no sabe cuanto vale un sólo STEEM en Venezuela pero vale mucho, me ha sacado de aprietos en más de una ocasión. GRACIAS/Thanks.

Muy buenas noches mi querido @done, paso para saludarlo y de paso lo invito a visitar mi blog, he escrito en los últimos tres días y me gustaría contar con su apoyo. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

Hi @done I invite you to see an article about Venenzuela and its crisis, it was wrote by a canadian. Help us. Here

Well I certainly wouldn't call you cheap! My parents are the only people I've ever visited who picked up the bill for it. My extended family members are awesome, but really they couldn't afford that and I'm happy to spend the money to see them, and vice versa when they come to us.

I should probably put this in an email- but if you ever do decided to spend time in the US again, come to NY, I would have so much fun playing hostess for you :)

Amazing motivational story. I myself am living like a poor man last 7 months since I have lot of crypto holdings I am refusing to sell :) Thank you for the reminder! Never, EVER sell low :)
I love the series about Little John by the way

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What an interesting, creative and illustrative way to make your presentation. Your comments, Mr. @ fact, are very tight, more, in this current moment where the prices of streem and bitcoin are well below the prices they should be. I am left with this phrase: sometimes "No" simply means "Not now!", And as I said is what happens now, is an example of what we should do now with the income that is currently received by this means, At least it's what I do. Greetings, thank you very much for sharing this story.

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